Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Just Happened

Jack: "Mom, I love you."

Jack: "Don't look on the top bunk."

Me: "Should I be worried?"

Jack: "Yes."

Me: "What is on the top bunk?"

Jack, covering my mouth: "Don't talk about it."

(He's watching me type this right now.)

Jack, reading what I'm typing: "So, be silent. POW!"

Jack: giggle, giggle, giggle...

Hmmm. I think I need to go look on the top bunk.


  1. Ohhh, that is NEVER a good sign. I'm thinking gerbil habitat, or peanut butter, or...once upon a time my boys had a granola fight in J's crib... Perhaps you should have 9 and 1 already dialed so you only have to hit that last 1. ;)

  2. I don't know what just happened but you can bet it'll involve more laundry.

    On pins and needles for the follow up...

  3. That is not a good sign. You better go check. And then report back to us what you found!

  4. Uh oh. That cant be good. Cant wait to find out what was on the top bunk.

  5. oh, no, is it poop? tell me it's not poop.

  6. go! fast! run! unless he's hiding a Christmas present... then follow his directions.

  7. Be afraid, be very afraid! You are so mean to keep us all in suspense! What is it??????

  8. My reader says it's been three hours since you posted this. I seriously hope you plan to report back.

  9. Yes? And???? Come on, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!

  10. Either you're even more scared than I would have been - or you have nerves of steel! I would have been on that top bunk before he could catch me!

  11. Like George Washington, Jack cannot tell a lie. Luckily for you, apparently!


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