Saturday, December 5, 2009

Damn It All, Christmas Has Begun

I am a firm believer in not starting Christmas too early. I absolutely refuse to put up a Christmas tree or decorate my house more than two weeks before Christmas. Mine is always the house where other kids come over and ask why our tree isn't up yet.

Well, it's because you don't put the tree up before December 11—at the EARLIEST—thank you very much.

I mean, I'm not a grinch or anything. I do shop before then and we have an advent calendar and all, but I much prefer two weeks of holiday fun than a month of drawn-out yuletide, not to mention trying to keep my kids and cats from climbing the Christmas tree for four weeks.

Jack did try to sneak in a little holiday decorating of his own by creating a "snowman" in his bunk bed one night.

Materials: hat, light saber, mittens, blanket, and a pumpkin
that has been hanging out in our kitchen since October.

Today he had the opportunity to make a real snowman (he didn't, but he had the opportunity) when the first snow of the season fell.

We all played in the snow first thing in the morning and then ended up in the living room sort of staring at each other and wondering what to do with the day. Alex suggested we go see Santa, which is a MAJOR and OBVIOUS violation of my Two Weeks Before Christmas Rule, but in the interest of being able to shop for gifts from Santa, I agreed.

Plus, this way, there isn't a danger of a kid changing his mind about what he's going to ask Santa for when there are fewer shopping days before Christmas.

So, off we went!

You should have seen Quinn's smile when he first glimpsed Santa. It was magical.

But instead, I've given you a photo of his back. You're welcome!

I'll also give you this sorta weird but sorta awesome photo of my kids on Santa's lap. (Or at least on his bench.) For some reason the photographer told my kids to give Santa the thumbs up.

Who's jolly, brings us presents, and is surrounded by thumbs?
THAT guy!

And then here is Quinn misbehaving directly in front of Santa:

That kid's got some nerve.

So I guess Christmas has begun in Stimeyland. But I'm still not putting up a tree until next weekend.


  1. I'm impressed that you got all three of them looking at the camera!

    We're not getting our tree until next week either. Otherwise you end up with a crispy tree dropping needles all over the place. It's a fire hazard!

  2. I love the caption under the Santa picture.

  3. im with you, but unfortunately my oldest is obsessed with christmas music so we have been listening to it on the radio since Halloween. No tree up or anything christmas done yet, except the boys saw santa because friends asked us to go. Major nono for me, but it sounded better than being at home. :)

  4. Laughing as usual especially at the thumbs up and Quinn misbehaving in front of Santa! I'd wait to get our tree but alas, husband and kids are out procuring one because I was dumb enough to offer to host our staff holiday party. What was I thinking???

  5. I am one of those crazy about Christmas people - I usually put my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and take it down after New Years.

    Not this year. It's not up yet and I've barely started my shopping. I'm in deep doo-doo.

  6. Wait - is that Sam in the first photo? Is he getting tall, or what?

  7. Anonymous: No, that is a pumpkin snowman in the first photo (and a short one at that). But yes, that's Sam in the photo of the three of them, and yes he is a GIANT!

  8. Oh - oops, I meant, in the first photo of your three children. :) I at first thought, Oh, there is Stimey's husband with two boys. I promise, I'm not kidding - I had to look twice.
    Happy Holidays!
    Karen (who, um, you don't know, except perhaps from my url or something) I'm afraid this may make me a 'lurker', though only in the best sense of the word. :)

  9. Love the photos! And by not putting up the tree too early (ahem) you make your kids appreciate it more. Win-win!

  10. We have two weeks before the tree goes up. I like to be sure they are out of school, because we have to close a door I hang their school stuff on, and it makes it harder to get. Plus, we used a field pine when I was growing up, so having it up before Christmas week would have been asking for disaster. Oh, and there's that tradition thing. Right.

  11. "Damn it All, Christmas Has Begun" is exactly how I feel about the holiday season. I like it fine, but I'm always a little annoyed at its arrival. I blame the stores that insist the season starts in October - I'm not welcoming the season, I'm finally giving in.

  12. Jack is ADORABALE in the Santa photo. Of course they all are, but Jack? Is teh awesome.

  13. I miss that Santa in the photo - such a nice guy. M. has two photos with him. This year, not a chance, as M ran away screaming from the big scary santa at the big crazy Thanksgiving party.


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