Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Doodle's Doppelgänger

I have this dog named Cassidy, although through a long string of nickname changing, she is often referred to as The Doodle. Here is her photo:

She was pretty stoked in this photo because she had
just consumed
her annual Thanksgiving turkey neck.

She's cute, right? She's obnoxious as hell, but that's totally a different post. Suffice it to say that epithets get hurled in her general direction more than you might suspect. Usually at midnight when she is in the very back of the yard barking at squirrels.


A couple of years ago, Alex went on a business trip and arrived home clutching a page he'd ripped out of the in-flight catalog. On it was a dog crate that was for sale. He was not interested in purchasing the dog crate. He was interested in showing me the photo of the dog model who looked Exactly. Like. Cassidy.

Naturally resentful that our dog was sneaking out and making the big bucks in the dog modeling world without telling us, we punished her with an elaborate system of passive aggressiveness and favoring the cats over her.

Ever arrogant, she didn't notice our campaign.

Well, it turns out she is at it again. Look what I found in the catalog that came to my house today:


She's dog modeling again. And this time it's not even dog-related. She's modeling convenience store holdup gear, for the love of God.

I just want to know where she's squirreling (SQUIRREL!) away her wages.


  1. Ha! I need to invest in some of that gear. So happy it comes in kid sizes. Now we can rob and pilfer as a family. Yep, this is why we homeschool, to teach the important things in life.

    BTW, cute doggie. :)

  2. This whole thing was funny, but I have to admit it was your (Squirrel!) edits that made me laugh out loud. And, yes, Cassidy is a very cute dog!

  3. I think Cassidy is waaaay cuter than those other mutts. But, yeah, you had me at SQUIRREL!

  4. Oh my gosh this cracked me up! convenience store holdup gear? Who sells that??? And your dog's integrity will suffer because of it. I can see it 10 years from now she'll be pleading to the investigative reporters, "I was YOUNG!!!"

  5. Too funny! Good thing my dog is antisocial, I wouldn't want Cassidy's wild ways rubbing off on my dog. Wait a dog is cujo, so it's probably the other way around!

  6. Cassidy IS very beautiful, despite being geriatric and licky.

  7. I think Cassidy needs to give a little love to the hand that feeds her. Does she get royalty checks???

  8. Doppelganger is one of my very favorite words. And I'm too lazy to figure out how to add an umlot in a comment, but WTG on that.


  9. She's got an agent who's keeping it all on the hush hush I'm sure.

  10. Shhh...if she tells my new puppy how to sneak out and make big bucks, I'll be dogless again. Then again, as long as she comes back and doesn't track in snow, I think I'm fine with that.

    Cassidy is a wonderful beautiful friendly dog -- and I adore her!


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