Monday, December 14, 2009

Has Anyone Ever Had a Good Trip to the Post Office?

Pretty much every single person I buy holiday gifts for that doesn't live in my house lives far away across the country. Evidently the places they live are called "Zone 7" and "Zone 8," according to the post office. I don't know what that means, except that I should have mailed my packages weeks ago to save me a gajillion and six dollars on shipping.

Parcel post would have been the way to go.

Priority mail is what I had to do.

Next year, around November 1st, remind me to do my Christmas shopping and get it mailed before Thanksgiving. I might even send it by Pony Express.

Regardless, Team Stimey and I headed out on Saturday to the post office before we went to get our Christmas tree.

"Why," you may ask, "would the whole family head out to the post office two Saturdays before Christmas?"

"That," you might think, "is crazy. Even for Stimey."

Well, the truth of the matter is that I needed all of Team Stimey's help to carry all my boxes into the post office.

Alex was a big help, except for the fact that he put one of the
boxes on a newspaper stand outside and left it there.

When you look at size of person to size of boxes, Sam wins for most helpful.

Quinn? Not so much.

And poor Jack was immobilized because his pants kept
falling off because he's thin and malnourished.

But, happily, everything is now mailed, so the trip counts as a total success.

Except for the fact that Alex thought I put money in
the parking meter and I thought he did.

All in all, that was maybe the most expensive trip to the post office I've ever made.


  1. Oh, dear. Poor you.

    (Trying not to laugh. Failing.)

  2. Hey, I recognize the box Quinn is carrying. I hope they didn't charge you extra, because I can assure you it arrived on Monday. Did you have your arms free? You were able to take quite a lot of pictures!

    And Carp, I have a box I need to mail to VA. Guess I should wrap and package today.

  3. No, no one has ever had a good trip at the post office. For example-

  4. hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha!

  5. I think we now know why Alex was a little grumpy at the tree lot...

    PS My kids were very excited about a certain box that made it under our tree yesterday. Thanks!

  6. Oh Stimey, you are but a mere mortal of the shipping. Buy yourself a used postal scale (occasionally at the thrift store) and use it to weigh your packages and then print labels at home. You get a discount on priority and free delivery confirmation. I'll try to remember to remind you of this in October.ingsest

  7. How much was the ticket? We got one a few weeks ago for $40.00 at a meter! Disgusted.

  8. Oh, the stinkin' ticket! Shouldn't that meter have had a bag over it, proclaiming "Happy Holidays"?

  9. Oh, that stinks! You should try the Twinbrook post office by me. they are always very nice...and free parking!

  10. That's just not fair. A trip to the post office AND a ticket.

    I just got one for -- of all things -- not having a front license plate. I guess John Law is feeling the pinch of the recession too.

  11. This whole post made me laugh! We usually save our worst behavior for the post office--I now visit it when I am childfree( you know those 2 hours a week!). Poor Jack had to wait in the car, LOL!

  12. Wow! You get brownie points for even attempting to do all of that. I simply shop online and have the packages shipped directly. No, most of them aren't gift-wrapped, but the little bit of sanity that I save from avoiding the post office makes it all worth it.

  13. I forgot to mention, the key to a good trip to the PO is leave the kids at home.

    Also, yesterday, I had a pile of stuff stamped and unstamped. While, I threw the UNSTAMPED packages in the bin outside they were emptying and brought the STAMPED stuff inside. Thankfully the guy outside was slow and nice enough to give me back my unstamped stuff!

    And I believe Zone 7 and 8 is where they still use ponies to deliver the mail, thats why it takes so long :P

  14. I hate the post office. Ours is manned by clerks who were chosen for their slow-motion skills. I'm mailing my Christmas gifts for 2010 in July to avoid the crush and get them there on time.

    (and ha ha ha my captcha word is "sputtle." I'm going to work that into a sentence today to see if the kids are paying attention.)

  15. Hi, so my two cents' worth here:

    First, if you're in or near Montgomery county, the post office by the old Montgomery mall - which now has a name like Westfield shoppingtown village square community :) - has free parking. I also like the Glen Echo post office.

    RE 'poor Jack was immobilized because his pants kept falling off because he's thin and malnourished.' Do they still make clothes in size 6X? Maybe Jack is just tall for his weight? :)

    fyi, the word verification for this comment, is completely meaningless! :)

  16. As someone who has to send to CA, WA, or OR every year and I know I will not get to the post office early. I only buy things that fit in a flat rate box. Also love free shipping online. Also, landsend (Sears) makes slims.

  17. I hate going to the post office, with a passion. Now that the kids are older, it's better, but the scars still remain. The people who work in the Bowie post offices are the meanest, nastiest people ever, too. Ugh. Mean, mean to children.

    Girl, the post office will pick up the packages from your house!!!!! You can weigh them at home, print out a label, and they will get them within 24 hours. Seriously, It's WAAAAAAY better than going there!


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