Thursday, December 17, 2009

His "X Factor" is High

As if the Christmas tree lot wasn't exciting enough, Jack also made the front page of the local paper.

I picked up the paper just before going to get my guys from the bus stop yesterday and kind of made an ass of myself showing it to everyone up there. But Jack! In the paper! Even if it's just the back of his flat little head.

Jack's media appearance was made even better by the arrival of an email from a friend of mine this morning, which read in part:
"...guessing you're already aware of this but the current issue of [the local paper] prominently features a cover shot of the back of your middle child's head as he is, i think, about to get eaten by a bear. or possibly just made aware of fire prevention techniques."
Next up: Nightline. Seriously, Jack has gotten more press than the rest of Team Stimey put together.


  1. I have a similar clipping of the back of Gremlin's (and my) head at a summer park program two years ago. Our names aren't even mentioned, yet I keep the clipping.

    Go Jack! How's Sam taking the slight?

  2. Jack isn't in our edition. Bummer.

  3. But at least it is good press and not local boy falls off monument at the Capital Building. Or child gets lost at goose festival...

    The girls school always posts newspaper clippings in the main entrance when kids are in it. And the teachers usually put it up in the classroom.

  4. How did she know it was Jack?

  5. Oh. Wait. It probably had his name on it. Err... never mind.

  6. Here's hoping that hanging out with you will include fending off Jack's paparazzi! That would up the exciting factor in my life tremendously!

  7. Awesome! I'm off to check my paper to see if I have it. Congrats on your stardom Jack!

  8. OMG, OMG!! I saw the picture of the bear, but didn't read the caption. I'll save the copy for you.


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