Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How I'm Using My Snow Days

My school district just started this alert system you can sign up for where you will get text messages if school is closed, or kids are unexpectedly being let out early, or any other sort of thing a parent might want to know when they're out and about. Great idea! I signed up immediately even though I don't have a texting plan because I figured I could swing the 20 cents every month or so.

Since I signed up last week, we've had crazy amounts of snow and tomorrow is our third no-school snow day in a row, which means that I've already had to pay for nearly two dollars worth of text messages since Sunday.

Annoying. And also kind of ironic considering I've been pretty much home-bound and really not in need of text messages.

Regardless of the ease with which I've learned about the snow days, I'm becoming increasingly more annoyed with the school closings. Monday I was completely stoked that everything was closed. Today I was okay with it, especially because I planned all kinds of fun snow-day stuff to do. Wednesday? Come on already. I had plans! There was supposed to be a Wall of Fame ceremony! What the fuck am I going to do with all these gift cards burning a hole in my pocket that I can't give to teachers until January 4th?!

See, Monday I ran a bunch of errands. I bought all those gift cards. I acquired Sam's pencil sharpener. I took Jack to speech therapy because their weather policy says they're open unless they notify you that they're closed. I left a kinda upset message on my speech therapy office's voice mail because it took Jack and I an hour to get there to find a locked door.

I was ready to make Tuesday fun day. On the way back from "speech therapy" on Monday, Jack and I created a list of things to do today: (1) bake sugar cookies, (2) build a snowman, (3) play Wii Fit Plus, (4) decorate sugar cookies.

The baking of the sugar cookies went fine except for the fact that I couldn't find my Christmas cookie cutters, so we had to make dinosaurs and flowers.

The snowman went well except for the fact that the snow was too powdery to roll into snowman form, so we had to create a little mountain for his bottom part. But he still turned out kinda super duper awesome.

Except his head was too small to put a hat on him.

After the snowman, we played Wii Fit Plus. (Sigh. Disclosure: Nintendo gave us Wii Fit Plus for free. Do I really have to do this every time I mention this game? Because it could get tiresome. We play it a lot. It's apt to be mentioned often.)

Art imitated life except for the fact that Cassidy is a lot lazier in real life than when she's on TV.

We decorated our sugar cookies next. Quinn decorated (and ate) three. Jack decorated three (and drank a bottle of sprinkles and licked the frosting off one cookie). Sam decorated like a machine. A very sticky machine.

Afterward, Quinn was oddly excitable. If only I could piece together cause and effect.

Shortly after Quinn started using the couch as a trampoline, I left the house for three hours to get my hair done. (Alex was home sick, so I was able to go.) I really hate getting my hair done. It's like a multi-hour forced socialization with someone I see twice a year. It totally freaks me out.

But I'm happy about my hair.

Let's see. That wraps up Tuesday. What's on tap for Wednesday? I got nothin'. Except my buddies the gerbils are coming back for a pet-sitting stay. So that will take up 45 seconds or so.

I'm off to go wrack my brain to figure out what to do with my kiddies tomorrow. I may try to make it involve actual trampolines.


  1. That is the cutest snowman I have ever seen.

  2. I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who drink sprinkles. And your kids? Bring 'em here. We're having a birthday party for me, and you guys are all welcome. :)

  3. I'll do you one better than text $$ --somehow everyone was automatically put on the list of "yes please call us at 530am to let me know my afternoon kindy kid has a 2 hr delay" ugh. I think we'll steal that snowman/mountain trick tomorrow. My kids are peeved at the powdery stuff. Love the cut!

  4. Your hair looks lovely.

    Perhaps build snow tunnels for the gerbils, like real live Zhu Zhu pets?

  5. The hair looks lovely! And the snowman is awesome. I think we will have to build a sandcastle sometime in the next couple of weeks. Maybe we should make it a sandman?! Here, of course, school's out for summer, but boredom hasn't quite set in yet. Only a couple of days to go and they can play with their new presents. Perhaps you could get them started early on thank-you notes (leave blank spaces to be filled in later)? Nah, that wouldn't work here either!

  6. Wow, three snow days? We got nada, nothing, zilch, not even a delay.

    As for things to do, mix some food coloring and wter and put in spray bottles and let them paint the snow. Use cookie cutters on tortila (wraps) and then paint with diluted food coloring and then bake (to dry) and hang outside for the birds. Make them write in their summer journals - or start a winter break one. Play Camp Stimey: winter edition.

  7. i love the text messages that the school sends - they close school at the crack of dawn, and send out the message, so i get it before i even get up. (because yes, my phone lives on the bedside table, because i use it as an alarm clock...)

    pretty hair.

  8. Love the hair! No ideas of what to do, sorry! We've been playing a lot of xbox and watching tv around here. I am out of creativity and have way too much laundry to do.

  9. I'm curious about the hair. Why does it take 3 hours? What do they do to you?

  10. Love your hair.

    I was just forced to call the boys in because it's dark outside. Stupid laws/public safety.

    Godspeed, Jean!

  11. What is it about the cookie cutters? I couldn't find mine this year either for the big sugar cookie decorating party, so I bought four. What did I find the day after the party? The ones I looked EVERYWHERE for. Sigh... So, I now have some extra ones I could loan you next year.

  12. I like the hair. Very pretty! I also love the teeny snowman.


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