Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Will Now Accept the Onset of Christmas

Now that we are less than two weeks from Christmas, I have given everyone my family the go ahead to get ready for the holiday. And we all know what Step One in readying for the holiday is. That's right, getting a Christmas tree.

So, off to the $35 Christmas Tree Lot we went!

We tried to park, but the tiny lot was full. I suggested we park down the street a little and Alex completely flipped out. "I am not parking down the block! We're leaving! We'll come back later!"

It was weird. Even for him.

But I pointed out that we had three kids in the car who might not take so kindly to the sudden cancellation of Christmas Tree Day, so he found a nearby spot to squeeze into as he continued to throw a hissy fit about the poor parking jobs of the other customers. And then we almost got into a fist fight when he tried to mug me for my piece of paper on which I was writing, "and then Alex got all huffy about the parking spot..."

He just doesn't understand the import of proper blog reporting.


We always go to the $35 Christmas Tree Lot because even though their gimmick is that they offer $35 trees, they hope you'll be dissatisfied with those and buy one of their many beautiful $85 trees. Unfortunately for them, we are perfectly happy with their $35 trees, of which there were many.

Oh, wait. There were none.

Refusing to fall for this gambit, we decided to try a different lot and headed over to one run by the local rescue squad. It was totally the right decision. First of all, they had a large selection of $39 trees. After a vigorous debate twixt Sam, Jack, and Quinn, we decided on one.

Look how Alex gave Sam the heavy end.

But tree selection wasn't the only reason this tree lot was better. This lot, run by firefighters, had...well, firefighters. And firefighter hats for the munchkins. And chocolate candy instead of just candy canes. AND coloring books and rulers and pencils and it was all worth the extra $4 per tree.

And are those bottles of lighter fluid behind Sam?
Seems weird at a firefighter tree lot, but whatever.

And you know what else? Smokey the Bear was there.

And that dog? She's a rescue dog. She helped at Ground Zero on 9/11. The $35 Christmas Tree Lot doesn't have any Hero Dogs.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Smokey the Bear, so I was delighted to see him. Quinn really wasn't. He waved at him—from a distance—but there was some screaming and resisting when I suggested he actually stand next to the giant bear wearing a hat and grandpa jeans.

Evidently he had reason to be worried. That bear stole Jack's hat. And then teased him with it.

And yadda, yadda, yadda, Sam won the game of Eeney Meany Miney Moe and got to put the star on the tree.

If I were Alex, I would have fixed it so the lightest kid won.

And, without further ado, I present unto you...



  1. I absolutely adore your family! Best wishes to you and all your dudes, big and small. Hope your holidays are filled with peace, love, and chocolate.

  2. Great story and pics. I hate to admit, we went for the fake tree this year. Tried to trim it today, but meltdowns won out. We'll try again tomorrow.

  3. Have a merry one :) Blue firehats, too cool, never seen those.

  4. Awww!

    We got our tree tonight. Decorating and carnage schedule for tomorrow!

  5. What a cool place to buy a tree! It looks beautiful!

  6. Hooray for Christmas in Simeyland!!

  7. Great tree. Love your opening Alex Hissy. BTW, you do know that stuff was PROLONG tree food. I know this because I'm staring at a bottle of it sitting on our windowsill.

  8. *ahem*

    I feel that although you had a lovely time at the alternate Christmas tree lot, it is my duty to point out that had you gone sooner, you could have gotten a $35 tree and probably a good parking spot.

    Three words for you, oh Christmas staller:

    "Day after Thanksgiving."


  9. The problem is that Smokey was thinking "what the hell is wrong with all you people putting dead trees by power outlets in your horribly dry houses in the winter."

    Just saying.

    We supported the local tree farmer. It is, by far, the saddest $40 tree I have ever purchased in lieu of paying the cable bill.

    To think I could have seen a hot firefighter AND hero dog instead.

  10. Love the tree (but what WAS the deal with the lighter fluid?)

    Merry Christmas to all and to all...

    Oh, wait! not yet.

    My word verification is kates. How weird is that.

  11. Thank you for declaring it Christmas!! I thought I was going to have to wait until Christmas Eve to put my tree up!

    Great pics by the way. Did you ever find out why Alex was so .. uh .. moody?

  12. I promise I am not making this up. :)
    If you were driving south on (a major city *avenue*) on Saturday between 12 and 2PM, I think I may have passed your small SUV as I drove northbound.
    There was a major delay as two of three northbound lanes were closed to traffic. So, I had time to look around, and saw a nice family with a very blond child in the back seat.
    I promise - I am not seeking you out! I was headed in the opposite direction. Still, the couple in the front seat looked kinda familiar. :)

    Also, why ARE firefighters generally so cute looking?
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Anonymous: We were driving south on such a street on Saturday at around that time. But we drive a minivan. Perhaps it was the Evil Team Stimey you saw.

  14. Oh, ha, You're right - I am not known for clarity wrt to, um, descriptions of motor vehicles... If your van is light silver, then maybe... Or maybe I was seeing the alternate team Stimey, as you suggest.

    I again hope my random comment isn't too off-the-wall. errm, it is. :(

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  15. also, please feel free to delete my earlier two comments, if those were inappropriate...

    I don't want to post comments which might identify anyone who would like to remain some privacy... though I think your blog is good at maintaining your family's privacy.

    There I go again :)

  16. You're funny, Anonymous. We have a light colored metallic van, maybe more gold than silver. I think I'm pretty safe in publishing that due to the fact that there are nine million of those in the DC area. :) Were we doing anything inappropriate in the car? Yelling at each other? Picking our noses? In that case, it was totally Evil Team Stimey.

  17. Yay for Christmas! Yay for Firefighters!

  18. Oh, so it was definitely not team Stimey... no odd behaviour.
    Still, they looked a little bit like you.
    I guess I was hoping it was y'all. Thinking that you're all famous.
    In any case, happy holidays!

  19. Next year I want to go tree shopping with you...Not that I'll actually buy a tree but your adventures seem so much more frought with everything than ours!

    And I love the picture of the lack of trees in the $35 tree lot but love all the swag your kids got from the $39 rescue squat lot! Awesome!

  20. Well, except for the snit about parking, this made me really nostalgic. We copped out and bought a fake tree a few years back. Myabe when Nik understands what the holiday is and some of the traditions, we may go back to a real one.

    Merry Christmas!

  21. I love it! We'll have to check out that lot next year. Chris took Oliver to to get our tree today. Within an hour of putting it in the stand, the kids had knocked it sideways so it's now on a diagonal. I fear for my ornaments once they are in place...

  22. You once again amaze me... Everyone else just goes and picks up a tree. You? You get an awesome story including fire fighters and Smokey the bear!! I bow to your greatness.

  23. Okay, we totally go to the rescue squad tree sale each year, but never get all those fun stuff you get or see Smokey the bear. I'm just trying to shoo the youngest child away from the fire barrel each year...


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