Thursday, December 10, 2009

Laugh or Cry, People. Laugh or Cry. (Maybe Both.)

I regularly have people tell me that they always see me smiling and laughing; that even when things are hard, I am usually cheery. And it's true. And mostly involuntary. It's because I have an informal rule that I think about a lot when I think about my attitude toward life. It goes thusly:

Laugh or cry, people. Laugh or cry.

And my implied answer to that is "laugh." It is almost always the right decision. Although sometimes you do have to do both.

I'm cracking lately. I've been dropping balls right and left. So far nothing too important and nothing that can't be made up, but it's like my brain is a complete sieve. Honestly, if you make an appointment with me, you should definitely call me shortly before I should be leaving for said appointment to ensure that I remembered it. And then you should remind me where we're supposed to meet.

Plus, if you sent me an important email and I haven't gotten back to you, you should resend it because I KNOW it's saved in my inbox and I plan to get back to it tonight, but sometimes "tonight" turns into "tomorrow night" turns into "the next night" turns into "if you ignore something long enough, eventually it becomes a moot point."

Oh yeah, and if I owe you a writing assignment, I swear, it's the next thing I'm doing. And if you're my boss, I mean I'm doing my work next. Pinky swear.

Also? If you say something nice to me, I just may burst into tears for no discernible reason.

It's true. I did it several times today at Jack's school. I mean, there were reasons, but still. (I also did some laughing. 'Cause I'm such a fucking buffoon.)

I decided to take some time today to not think about all of that and actually do some quality, fun parenting this afternoon. I'd promised to take Quinn to an open gym yesterday and had entirely forgotten. (See what I mean?) But I remembered this place that Jessica had mentioned on her site and decided to try it out.

We had so much fun. Quinn and I spent two hours together climbing, bouncing, doing puzzles, and laughing. Well, he did that and I mostly followed him around, but I did do some tickling and I also did a lot of laughing.

It was excellent therapy.

Plus, sometimes, given the company I keep, there isn't even a contest between laugh and cry.

The answer is obvious.

Edited to add: I would like to state—equivocally, certainly, definitely, ABSOLUTELY—for the record that this is NOT pregnancy brain, thank you all very much. THAT will not be happening. Even if I have to move to a convent to ensure that it doesn't.


  1. I hate that feeling, of dropping the ball, particularly when it's with my kids. Hugs to you lady; just make it though the holidays.

  2. I kept thinking that this post was going to end with a picture of a stick with two pink lines...

  3. *hugs* I think we're sisters separated at birth. Or something like that. Know what I mean?

  4. Hang in there! You're probably doing much better than you think. Right?

  5. I'm with Manic Mommmy...sounds a lot like Pregnancy Brain, with which I am intimately familiar. Even if you can't blame it on that though, this time of year is stressful enough to be a good excuse! Good luck and feel better.

  6. i hate when i feel so scatter brained--hang in there! glad you had some fun times with Quinn!

  7. *hugs and pats on the back* There, there, sweetie. It's normal and we've all been there (some of us more than others, not you).

    Seriously, I never once thought pregancy-brain. But it did make me wonder if you've had your thyroid checked. They can start to go a bit off-kilter as we get older (yep, sorry, we are) and the symptoms can be a LOT like what you described. Worth asking your gyn or primary to do some routine tests (ask them to include T3 as well as T4).

  8. Oh stimey. This worsened for me about a year or so and it was so upsetting because my identity (the one I see) was about a woman who never forgot and never dropped balls. I new it was hormonal and have recently been diagnosed w PCOS and my thyroid is still in question. I thought I was losing my mind and yes the sudden urge to cry was getting ridiculous. Go to an endo (we are alike in making doc appts for ourselves) and have you thyroid insulin hormones androgens etc tested. Don't make yourself suffer or think it's all in your head. Much love sweetie.

  9. Dude, I fucking hate it when I feel like this. For me, it's just a matter of riding it out until things calm down a little bit. My most sincere sympathies, my friend. It sucks.

  10. dropping balls left and right here too. in fact i think i got on this computer to work but now i'm reading blogs and can't remember what i was supposed to do.

  11. Wait, you're supposed to ANSWER those emails? Yikes. ;) I have my work cut out for me this weekend, methinks...

  12. So... you're saying you're pregnant then?

    I'll take this post and add it to my growing file of evidence that Quinn is good for the soul. Um. Not that I keep files on your kids. But if I did it would totally be for non-creepy purposes and have such names as "Awesome things Jack said" and "Quinn's therapeutic uses" and "Ways to tell Jack and Sam apart".

    *hugs* Maybe it's the holidays making you feel this way. I'm always a little off this time of year. Today at the store I cried because they were out of blueberry waffles. Of course, I'm pregnant and can get away with that. Everyone excuses the giant, gestating woman lumbering through frozen foods.

    (My word verification is "dabliest". Best. Word. Ever.

  13. You are absolutely right. I need to take a lesson and laugh much, much more.

  14. oh sweetie.

    I have days like that.

    I am always here, in email-land, if you need me.


  15. I thought this happended to all women, esp. moms. It may be physical, it may just be life. You are juggling MANY balls - some are apt to drop, particularly in the holidays. Me: I am blaming menopause for my lapses (must be good for something besides birth control, and if it's pregnancy-brain, I will really lose it!). Check with your doctor, pour a glass of wine, and toast to your full life!

  16. Maybe caring for a small animal - say, a gerbil - would help to focus?
    Sorry, could not resist.


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