Monday, December 7, 2009

A Milestone

Hi everyone. I'm weirdly exhilarated. Do you want to know why?

'Cause of this:

That's my blog.

And what's that at the very bottom?

Oh, just this:

That's right. Feel free to celebrate in any way you find appropriate.

I would find it appropriate if you all sent me gifts, but you may not feel the same way. You may feel that I should send you gifts. And you know what? If I could send a gift to every one of you who brought me to 100,000 visits to my little inconsequential blog, I would. And then I'd move into my poor house with my kids.

I know you're dying to know who the 100,000th visitor was. And if I knew how to use Sitemeter to look up IP addresses and visitors and, frankly, anything other than what Google searches brought people to my blog, I would.

Fortunately for tracking purposes, I had to cheat to get the last few people to my blog. Last night, I was sitting around hitting the refresh button (which, sadly, doesn't raise my visitor stats) and waiting to see when I'd hit 100,000.

I know. I am EXACTLY as lame as you secretly thought I was.

I tweeted the post that I'd just written and that brought a few people to my blog, and for a few minutes I thought I'd get there. My stats slowly rose. But then, at 99,998, they stopped cold and I started to worry that I was going to be up all night pathetically refreshing my blog in the vain hopes that two people would drop by.

So I did what anyone who is—as my sister called me the other day—an internet slut would do: I turned to twitter.

And to my rescue they came!

Based on very scientific self-reporting on Twitter, Megan at An Acorn Dreaming was #99,999 and Niksmom was #100,000. Ange at Tis My Life juuuuuust missed Stimeyland fame by claiming that she visited my blog shortly after the other two claimed to have visited my blog.

See? Scientific.

Well, now I have to go figure out a new goal. Something like getting a high score on Tetris or succeeding in making the town's biggest tinfoil ball.


  1. Congratulations! You deserve every visit. YM

  2. Hum. My SiteMeter doesn't tell me a number. Then again, it'd be embarrassing if it did!

  3. Congrats! It is so exciting to see the number rise. Here's to 200,000--may it arrive faster than you expect!

  4. Don't you wish it was money?

  5. I like seeing how many visitors someone has. I have just added to your meter. :)

  6. I hope you know you just caused me to sign into Sitemeter and the other one (yes, I have two installed, I'm lame) to see how many I had.

  7. You're not lame at all. That is a great milestone! Congrats!

  8. Yay!! That's really awesome!! My number is...ummm...not anywhere near that high!!

  9. Maybe your next goal should be to focus on your tadpoles? I'm a little nervous now after reading all the comments...

  10. Yay! My numbers bow in your presence! ;)

  11. Congrats! I have eaten chocolate in your honour (my current favourite way of celebrating other people's achievements).

  12. WOO!

    This calls for a party of some sort. Let's get some beer.


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