Sunday, December 20, 2009


The guy on the news referred to the snowstorm as "snowpocalypse," while on Twitter, people were referring to it as "#snOMG." In Stimeyland we referred to it mostly as, "Holy Christ, is it still snowing out there?"

That's Jack. I'm 93...94% sure of it.

So, yeah, it snowed this weekend. Like, a lot. I'm not going to quote you inches or anything, but all I know is that this morning, the day after the snow, when Alex was suffering from a Man Cold and I had to go shovel the driveway, it seemed like a lot.

Here's Alex yesterday, when his illness seemed less severe, in his ridiculous winter hat.

I will post a photo of this every year because I think it's such a humorous hat.
Except for the beaver that was skinned for it. (I know, I know.)

You know how there's that story about the people who have heart attacks when they shovel their driveways because they're so out of shape and the snow is so very heavy and their husbands are too busy lying on the couch to help? That was almost me this year.

I have a long driveway. No, it's not like a mile long or anything, but when you pile more than a foot of snow on it, it seems really long. Sam was going to help me shovel the sidewalk, but he couldn't find it, so he gave up.

So I was out there in my hat, gloves, and t-shirt (shoveling snow is hot work, people!) shoveling away while every single person in the neighborhood commented on the fact that I was shoveling and not Alex.

Later, Alex told me he'd go to the store if I'd clean off the car.
I told him he could just go ahead and drive the car with its little snowhat
and fuck you very much, by the way.

To his credit, Sam did help by shoveling off the picnic table and the iron monkey that stands on it.

Yeah, it's weird. Alex has a thing about monkeys.

I gotta tell you, the snow kinda wrecked my weekend. I had a whole list of things I was going to do, starting with an early-morning haircut on Saturday, which I had to cancel. If you've seen me in person with my hair down in the past couple months, you would probably agree that I sorely need that haircut.

Plus, I had some last minute shopping to do—teacher gifts and whatnot. Also I have to buy an electric pencil sharpener for Sam because he has one fewer gift than everyone else. And I know an electric pencil sharpener might not seem like the most exciting gift in the world, especially when you consider that Quinn's comparable present is The Legendary Sword of Heroes (with authentic battle damage), but I think he's going to like it. But it's still living at the office supply store and now I can't even go get it tomorrow, because school is canceled and my kids will be with me and so, yeah, snowpocalypse indeed.

But the kids had fun.

In this next photo there are a few things you should notice. Thing the First: Quinn is standing on snow behind a chair. And his feet are at the same level as the chair seat. There's that much snow. Thing the Second: Jack is making a snowball. Thing the Third: That is Cassidy, a.k.a., The Target's, tail there in the photo.

Thing the Fourth: I took all these photos through a
glass door from inside the house.

Here is Cassidy wistfully looking at the door to the house after she's been used for target practice.

Because I am benevolent and kind, I let her in.

Sam continued his house maintenance by knocking "the hugest icicle in the world" off of the rain gutters.

Now if I could only get him to clean inside the rain gutters.

If only he'd seen the icicle on our balcony when we lived in Alaska. That thing was huge. And it formed a stalagmite underneath it, until it became an entire column of ice connecting the balcony to the roof. It was badass.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Jack traversed the yard making and retracing paths with their footsteps.

Eventually Sam and Quinn came inside, but Jack stayed in the yard, marching back and forth and punching through the snow with the handle of his shovel. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking for treasure. I don't think he found it. But he had a good time.

And when he was done, he had hot chocolate. Which is kind of like treasure if you're six, don't you think?

Late Breaking News: Alex just walked in the room and told me that his work seems to be canceled tomorrow, along with the kids' school. So I can go buy that pencil sharpener tomorrow after all! Well, hallelujah! Let the sun shine!!

Have a Happy Snowpocalypse!


  1. It WAS a super exciting snow, wasn't it? It just kept on coming down! And as for you doing that shoveling all alone, I bow down to you! I helpfully puttered around in the house looking busy so Rob was left with the shoveling. lol

  2. Wasn't the snow beautiful?
    So, while there is so much to comment on, I have just one comment!
    You mention that 'Quinn and Jack traversed the yard making and retracing paths with their footsteps.'

    Does anyone (other than me) remember stomping out a wheel design in the snow... and then playing a game whereby everyone would run around trying to catch each other? I don't recall the game - it was something like Snow Geese or something.
    Of course, where I grew up, we skated on frozen lakes... and that was in NJ, not in North Dakota.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Wait, they already cancelled school? We got almost 2 feet of snow and as of right now, not even a delay.

  4. Ha! Hot chocolate is a treasure even at forty-six. :-)

    Alex owes you BIG TIME for his not shoveling.

  5. wow==that's a lot of snow--shoveling a driveway with that much snow would suck

  6. I got an electric pencil sharpener for Christmas last year and I love it!

    I don't think I can make it up the hill on my street until at least Wed. We'll see.

  7. Wrecked my weekend too, and I tried to be happy or excited about it, but just couldn't.

  8. I can totally sympathize with the shoveling...around here it always seems to snow on days when hubby is working and I end up doing all the shoveling.

  9. Allan did most of the shoveling. We were trying to get his car dug out so he could go to work in the morning. Only I think he's now pulled a muscle, so likely won't be going to work anyway. But there you are.

  10. I so miss the days of praying for snow days and dancing for joy when school/work was cancelled. Now that I'm an SAHM, I'm all "what do you mean you're not going to work today?" and "what? School is CLOSED?" sigh.

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous photos. I can almost smell the snow in the air! We have no chance of snow here, and it does look like it will be fine and sunny so we can eat our Christmas barbecue outside. But we'll still sing about snowmen and sleigh bells because there aren't many summer-themed carols.

  12. I hope you parked your car at the EDGE of your driveway BEFORE it snowed, so that you didn't have to shovel the entire length, just the sidewalk to the street... You did, didn't you?

  13. I was going to make some remarks about how you east coasters have no idea about snow and cold (since I am a Californian in Montana, I can sympathize)...then I got to the part where you reminded us that you lived in Alaska...ALASKA!...WTF? And from Utah no less!

    I frankly am disappointed that you

    1)Were not more sensitive to Alex's plight...he could have a serious flu from whatever animal is hibernating on his head

    2)After finishing the shoveling, didn't do something absolutely horrible to Alex's car as payback

    3)Didn't make any comment about Alex's work being canceled due to snow. It's not like he works outside...despite the hat.

  14. What ever happened to good old fashioned snow blowers?

    Oh - and you didn't have to confess, I never would have known you took all those pics from inside the house!

  15. I would have just let the driveway sit while the man slept. And then when he finally awoke, I would say, but I took care of the kids while you slept all day! (with a huge air of indignation.)

    I can totally see you in a T-shirt fielding the neighbor's oblivious questions.

  16. My brother was calling it snowmagedon! Guess I'll see you next year, unless there is school on Wednesday!

  17. I did the shoveling over here, too, while my husband laid in bed and suffered (or so he says.) He actually came out at one point to ask me to not bang the shovel quite so loudly. He is incredibly lucky he did not get the shovel banged into his head.

    I was also the long woman out on my street. Girl Power! (I have been taking handfuls of Aleve ever since.)

  18. Oh my god, so funny. The man cold almost made me roll out of bed laughing. And you do have a very long driveway!!

  19. I'm still not completely dug out, due to not having a shovel after moving up here from Texas. Funny story--I got rid of all the snow gear after leaving WI, didn't think we'd need it anymore and haven't yet replaced it. Tried to buy one Sunday, but Target was all sold out.

  20. See if you can get the dog to chase Alex around the yard while he's wearing that hat. I think it might make my head explode.


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