Friday, January 22, 2010

Birth of a Scientist?

I am always amused by what words or situations will grab Jack's attention. You just never know.

Jack has a minuscule scrape on his knee. It's a little red, which is a trigger for him. He does not care to see blood come from his body. Generally if he's hurt and there's no blood, he'll cry a little, then be fine. He's a tough kid.

But if there's blood, he gets upset and will sometimes start shrieking, "BLOOD! BLOOD!" band-aids are often the cure for such a thing. Once he can no longer see the blood, the injury has generally been cured.

Anywho, he has this scrape on his knee. Last night after he was supposed to be in bed, he came out of his room demanding a band-aid. Alex gave him one, but first put some antibiotic ointment on it, while explaining that antibiotics help kill bacteria, which live in scrapes.

Jack was happy, cured, and toodled off to bed, only to return about four seconds later asking, "How do you spell 'antibiotic'?"

Alex told him and he left, only to return a few moments later to ask again, "How do you spell 'antibiotic'?"

Again, Alex spelled it for him. Jack grinned happily and left. Then he returned.

"How do you spell 'bacteria'?"

Alex told him, Jack giggled, and ran off only to return a few moments later to ask for a repeat spelling of both 'antibiotic' and 'bacteria'. Alex obliged him.

Satisfied, Jack finally left for bed.

This morning Jack greeted me by saying, "You don't want antibiotics to live in your scrapes. I'm going to tell my teacher."

When he got home, I asked if he'd told his teacher. He said he had and that her response was, "All right." So funny. I know exactly what her expression was when she said it too. Hysterical.

I've just printed out an image of a bacterium for him. I'm trying to figure out if continuing down this road will turn him into a scientist or germophobe. Maybe if I'm really lucky it'll be both.


  1. I love this story!
    Sam also freaks out about the most minor of cuts and scrapes. In fact there have been times I have had a very minor scrape and Sam will worry himself into a tizzy if I do not have a band aid to "make is aaaallllll better".

  2. He and I had a conversation about it too! Funnily, I had the same response as his teacher, but he seemed please nonetheless.... Btw, did you know that he really, REALLY likes stretchy bracelets?

  3. This is exactly the kind of personal vignette that makes my day (or night since I'm up at 3 a.m. with crying child triggered insomnia). Hilarious.

  4. Hi - wondered if you saw this article in the NYT on Jan 22? thought it was really interesting:
    Dealing With the Financial Burden of Autism

  5. I definitely vote for both. And I can't stand the sight of blood, either. I'm starting to feel a little woozy just typing this.

  6. Again, I'm laughing out loud. I recall a few, "All right," moments from the classroom. I love how hard he worked at the words "bacteria" and "antibiotic," and how that evolved to, "You don't want antibiotics to live in your scrapes."

  7. You know what happens when you get antibiotics living in your scrapes? You get the Thought Bubble Disease but then no one believes you and you have to go to school anyway.

  8. Hi there, I have just started reading your blog and after several had to say how much I am enjoying them. Thank you!


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