Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

My kids are very good at claiming sickness to get out of things. Sam gets mysterious "headaches" on mornings he doesn't want to school. Occasionally I will get Quinn to preschool and he will start crying and saying he is sick.

They are liars.

(And, yeah, anxiety, why don't they want to go school, blah, blah, blah. I know. I'm working on it.)

I can generally tell when one of them is really sick and when they are faking. Trust me, they don't get away with staying home very often. Although I will grant them mental health days occasionally.

For Jack, his telltale sign is that he sits in front of the toilet and rests his head on the seat. Pretty standard, really. But today he exhibited a different sign.

I'd volunteered in Jack's classroom, where his teacher had said he'd been claiming to be sick and was much quieter than usual. After more than an hour of helping out, I was getting ready to go, when...

Why, yes, he DID write "I'm sick" in a word bubble and then hold it over his head.

How am I supposed to fight against that?

He came home with me where he spent the afternoon losing at Stratego, doing his homework, and hearing vigorous retellings of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Aggravating? Yes. Super cute? Also yes.


  1. Michael lately claims his "tummy hurts." Every freaking morning. I send him to school anyway.

    and yes, my kids are big fat liars, too.

  3. just when I think Jack can't get any cuter! I have a copycat "my ___ hurts too" middle kid and I swear I will never know when to believe her. I mean what kid wants to feign having the barfies except my kid.

  4. My mom would always give me one of those looks and say "well, if you are sure that you are REALLY sick..." and then I would go to school anyway and nearly throw up on the classroom floor.

  5. (giggle..) It was sooooo funny though! I thought he deserved to go home just for the 3 C's: CREATIVITY, CUTENESS, & CAN'T SAY NO TO THAT FACE!!

  6. Love the word bubble!!! Awesome, Awesome. I wouldn't have been able to resist that either.

  7. Ack! Too cute! I'm powerless against it! I'm wishing there was a way I could keep him home from school.

  8. ROFLMAO!!!

    You know, differences or not, your kids is FREAKING BRILLIANT. Honestly, I am just blown away by your child on a regular basis.

  9. I used to get real stomach aches before gymnastics practice. It was real fear, and I hated gymnastics. My mom always made me go anyway. It really sucked.

    I'm sure you are judging your children correctly.

  10. Oh my God! That might be the cutest and most clever use of said cute I've ever seen!

  11. "Why, yes, he DID write "I'm sick" in a word bubble and then hold it over his head."
    This is fantastic...lol...I love your blog.


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