Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homework Help

Well, homework has gotten better this week.

It looked for a while as if we weren't going to get any help with our nightly homework nightmare. I wrote a note into the school in Jack's communication notebook asking for a brainstorming session to come up with a better plan. This was met with initial resistance by Jack's special education teacher. I followed that resistance up with another note, this one a little more desperate than the last, and including the information that Jack came home from school, played for half an hour, did homework for 2-3 hours, ate dinner, and went to bed.

Jack's teacher, whom I now refer to as my savior, then called me with some suggestions. She's sending home his homework packets on Friday, so he can get some of the harder stuff done on the weekend, when he can fit in both homework and playtime. She also made a couple of the more rote worksheets optional.

After the teacher came up with this wonderful plan, the special ed teacher got on board and everyone is happy that things are going better.

This week and last week are like night and day. It still takes a long time—a really long time—for Jack to do his homework, but there's a lot less crying, both from him and me. Jack is on track to finish almost all of his worksheets, even the optional ones, and I feel like he's had time to relax this week—at least a little bit.

Now, I'm sure that because I wrote this down, that next week will be Homework Disaster Week, because that seems to be how things go around here. Life rarely mirrors the blog for long.

But frankly, it is amazing what a huge difference a tiny, tiny change made in Jack's life.


  1. Yay Yay Yay! I think of you all the time at homework time. Will and I have decided to do homework two days a week (because ours is more optional) and it is working better. If things go downhill next week, you can talk to his teacher again, and every week after that.

  2. What a great idea. See how nice it is when a teacher takes five minutes to think outside of the box a bit? Love teachers like that.

  3. And I still say they need to address the root issues of focus and the skills to do tablework. Keep some notes about exactly what happens when, how long he is able to sit and focus, etc. If homework is taking more than 20 minutes in first grade, it needs to be addressed.

  4. I have such trouble with the kid and her homework. And there's hardly any of it! But she'll write down the first two letters of a word (LO) and lose her concentration for a while and then come back to the end of the word when I poke her (NG). Argh. Makes me insane. Her focus is for the birds.

  5. so glad you found a solution, and I hope it lasts!

  6. Hooray! Thank goodness for teachers who listen and care, and offer alternatives. But I agree with Joeymom, that sounds like an awful lot of homework for his age-group. I was doing about that much in Year 11! (that's when we did the big national exams).

  7. Now can I hire you to take on my kid's 6th grade math teacher?

  8. Good for you! We, on the other hand, are in homework hell this week because BG was sick last week and has a ton of makeup work to do. Cripes, this is 1st grade. I thought he might be able to do some of it over the weekend, but he wasn't up to it, so we're trying to finish it all up this week. I'm scanning the list very carefully and ignoring the stuff he has already mastered, otherwise we'd be working til midnight every night. What a PITA.

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