Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sometimes Words are Small

I've been trying to write something for an hour or so. But nothing is really working, because my words aren't big enough to convey what I want them to.

Yesterday when I walked to the bus stop, one of the parents, a man whose name I do not know, but with whom I've chatted here and there, walked up to me and started talking about Haiti and the terrible earthquake there. He has family—close family—there and he hasn't been able to get in touch with them. Same thing today. And what this guy is going through, tens of thousands of others are also going through.

This and much worse.

I haven't watched much coverage of the earthquake. But I know it's bad. And I know it's going to get worse. There are little kids there just like my Sam and my Jack and my Quinn who are scared and hungry and in pain. And there are parents who don't have their children anymore. It's heartbreaking.

There aren't a lot of things I can do to help these children and these parents. I talked about it with Sam. I told him that we should try to help when terrible things happen to people. I told him we couldn't go to Haiti to help. He suggested that Alex and I take turns traveling there. I don't think he quite gets where Haiti is.

What I can do is donate a few dollars. I gave mine to Doctors Without Borders, but there are many good people and good organizations who are trying to do what I cannot. All I can do is my tiny, tiny part.


  1. I couldn't write anything profound either just a plea for my readers to donate too. And can I just say that I love Sam's thoughtfulness. What a kid!

  2. so very sad. It is all over our news and I can't stop crying at the images of the crying children.

  3. I haven't even been able to put fingers to keyboard to write about Haiti...I tear up every single time I think about it. But I've given and will urge my readers to do so as well.

  4. Just finished reading a piece on NPR's site about how badly things have deteriorated already. My heart just aches and I feel so impotent.

    I donated to the Red Cross via text: HAITI to 90999. They send you a confirming message, you reply YES, then they add $10 toyour next phone bill. How much easier could it be?

    Still, it's not enough.

  5. Words are small. But you didn't just use words. You took action.

    And in your writing and your dollars, your compassion shines through.

    May the children be safe, fed, and sheltered, soon.

  6. It's so sad. Today at school, the kids have a dress down day in honor of Haiti. What happens, if they choose to dress down, they need to bring in a donation. They asked for $2 a child or $5 a family. Einey saw me writing a check and said, but mom, we don't have to bring in that much. Meenie then asked "why are you wasting that money. I had to explain to her that I was wasting our money and what we were doing with it. Einey's class has been working on a section about Earthquakes and thus has talked about it in class. I told them I would show them some pictures later but that it was something we could do to help. That we could afford to give them some of our money.

  7. I can't think too much about the scared, hurt kids. It hurts too much. Sam is an old soul. Good for you for doing what you can.

  8. Im not sure if you are a christian or religious person. i can only speak for Christians but every mainstream denomination has Disaster Relief Funds and they go DIRECTLY to help the people. No administrative costs are added in. I work for the Southern Baptists and am a big part of their disaster relief efforts. The Lutherans, Catholics, Methodists,Presbyterians and so on all have DR funds. Salvation Army too! I will tell you though ALL those denominations work through RED CROSS. That is a good place to donate. They use that money for their medical supplie/kitchens and recovery effort.

    Just some me if you want more information.

  9. Sometimes words are small, as are the dollars we're able to donate. But I think both matter. Thinking and talking and giving what we can give - not much, but something.

  10. I know, I picked Doctors without Boarders too but it seems too little to do. It is so hard to know that the dollars we give this week, while important to Haiti and the relief effort aren't helping RIGHT NOW dig people out of the rubble and give them water. Logistics are trumping money.

    I also struggle with how much to tell the kids. I have a 9 year old and I want her to understand the horror but I also hid the front page of the Post today, I can't believe she needs to see a child's dead body.

  11. Tell Sam that if we could A. get there and B. take enough supplies with us to be self-sufficient, we'd both be on that plane.

    Since neither of us can do those things, I went with people who can- The Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

  12. Giving money is pretty much the best thing most of us can do at this point. SO sad.


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