Friday, January 29, 2010

Tidbits from a Tired Brain

Look what I have:




It's a digital frame. From the big, dumbass store. I looooove it.


I've been here and there about the blogosphere. Here for instance:

I wrote about running over at DC Metro Moms.

Check out the giveaway I have for a copy of Chynna T. Laird's parenting memoir about sensory processing disorder (SPD) at Things. And Stuff.

I also have a review up of a great magazine for the 2-6 year old set, The Tessy & Tab Reading Club Magazine. They're really more like little books that come in the mail every two weeks.


Hmmm...what else? I spent two hours today at Sam and Jack's school at two separate Wall of Fame ceremonies. It was a long afternoon. Quinn was a champ. Also? Thank the lord for the iPhone. It can singlehandedly keep the Q-Ball happy for, oh, say, two hours.


I got nothin' else. Except for that I'm really glad it's Friday.


  1. Yay! It did arrive! The boys look quite alike in those photos. I'm always a little shocked when looking at baby photos of my older ones and I realise they're all pretty much identical. Only the hair colour and amount gives them away (first one was dark with lots of hair, second and third progressively redder and with less and less).
    Congrats on the BlogHer panel. *Wish* I could come!

  2. Love the pics of the boys!
    They look like quite the crew of characters!


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