Friday, April 2, 2010


* Camp Stimey Spring Break Sensory & Social Skills Special Session

I'm going to call Day Five the Day of Exhaustion, But in a Good Way.

I'll start with the awesome, fabulous, super, way cool part of the day which was when Team Stimey packed up and drove all the way out to Sunday's neck of the woods (which is about six miles past Hellandgone) to join Camp Banshee for a morning in the park.

Isn't Camp Banshee just the cutest? Sunday's kids are absolute dolls.

Not to mention that the park she suggested had the most awesome slide in the history of ever.

In her post about our day, Sunday gave me credit for bringing bubbles, but it was really Quinn's idea. I, of course, took full credit.

Sam spent some time hanging out. After insisting that he was Samuel and that Sunday's Sam was Sam.

I think I might have found Jack's mirror in Noah. The two of them had a lot of the same likes. They both like goldfish and bubbles. Just like Jack, Noah is an excellent runner. He is just as wily as Jack, but a whole lot faster. Plus, Jack finally found his sand soul brother in Noah.

We cruised home just in time for Quinn's buddy C to come over for a playdate. This was also an awesome, fabulous, super, way cool part of the day. They had a great time. Sam and Quinn played with C while Jack read a book(!) and then used diagrams from the book to make a paper airplane(!).

This is exciting because Jack loves us to read to him, but he doesn't particular enjoy reading to himself. Every time I catch him alone with a book, I feel so proud. Last night he read a book to Quinn. It was the sweetest. There's still time for Jack to join Sam and me as bookworms.

Phew. We've had a good week here at Camp Stimey, but we I am exhausted. TGITW. (Thank God it's the Weekend!)

Coming Tomorrow: Not Technically CSSBS&SSSS Because It's a Weekend, But We Are Really Going to Do the Easter Eggs This Time Day!


  1. What a great recap! I was so happy to see Noah parallel play so well with Jack. They truly are 2 peas in a sensory-seeking pod!

    Kudos to Quinn for the bubbles idea. When we got home the boys both immediately spotted the bottle you gave us and wanted more bubble fun. Even Ernie the dog liked them!

    I can't wait for the next get together. This time we will venture down to your neck of the woods!

  2. Sounds like a totally awesome day! I want to go to that park!

  3. What a blast! Sunday is an awesome person.. I wish I lived closer to you both.. looked like fun times!

  4. Hooray! Sounds like fun! I am so glad you guys got your crews together--looks like it was so much fun!

    I'm so glad I got to meet Sunday at the last Momz Share Event--such a cool gal!


  5. What is Jack doing? I mean, his whole face is in the sand .. ? I would think he would hate that, even though you have talked about how he loves sand.


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