Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team Stimey Does Science for Susan

I'm taking part in Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair today to show Susan of Toddler Planet that I love her and that she inspires me. And, Susan, it's true. You really do. I watch the way you love and parent your children so gently and so lovingly and am inspired. I see the way you care about women, women in science, and women with cancer, and am inspired. I see what a kind person you are and am inspired.

You inspired me this week to incorporate science into my kids' spring break. We did a lot of stuff this week, but made a point to notice the science-y stuff along the way.

Here's the thing about science, you can find it everywhere. Sometimes what you need is someone who cares about science to show you that. Whereas we used to, you know, go on walks, after reading Susan's posts about exploring trees and rocks and water, now we go on science expeditions.

When we went to a playground last week, Sam took a notebook and a pencil and made a list of all the nature that he saw.

I can't figure out what that thing under weeds is. Anyone?

When we made our Peeps dioramas and melted some Peeps in the microwave, we thought about why they explode.

Answer: I don't have a damn clue.

When we went to National Harbor last Monday, we made sure to stop by the Launch Zone to explore animal skeletons, rocks, and birds.

Et tu, Launch Zone?

When we introduced ladybug larvae into our new habitat, we started the process of learning how the larvae turns into ladybugs. And we learned that ladybug babies are gross.

Look how badass they're getting though.

When we colored our Easter eggs, we watched the chemical reaction of the dye tablets and the vinegar.

It's my favorite part.

When the Easter Bunny brought Jack a little model of the space shuttle, we built it and flew it all over the house.

Susan, remember how Jack coveted your little space shuttle toy?

When we went to the park yesterday and blew bubbles into the sky, we noticed how the soap solution stretches across the bubble wand and how the bubbles somehow float up, lighter than air and borne by breeze.

Photo not available.

Susan, I love you. My kids love you. People all over the world love you. We are here fighting alongside you even if you can't touch us or see us. Good luck today. You are going to kick this thing's ass.

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  1. What a beautiful post to someone who truly inspires me too. And the thing under weeds...Maybe dunes???

  2. Dunes? It looks that way to me, too. And loving thoughts are going to Susan from Oz. YM

  3. Great post. Science can be super complicated as in the kindergartner at our school science fair who had graphs and spreadsheets clearly compiled by his dad to bubbles, sand, paper airplanes, hot and cold, and everything in between.

  4. ...or maybe ducks???... I don't know

  5. My personal fave is the giant inflating peep of doom!
    The poor little sucker never saw what was coming.

  6. You are a great friend! Susan is especially lucky to have a pal like you, and so are we!

    ps--we did the ladybugs last summer, and if you give them time, it's actually pretty cool--just wait a few days! The babies are strange, though...the whole process is crazy.

  7. I've never seen a baby ladybug before. Ewww.

  8. Looks like "dukkes" (ducks) to me. Horray for science!

  9. I think the word looks like "bushes".

    Awesome science experiments. We've done a few this week including quick volcano's and putting a flame out with CO2.

  10. Your kids are a living example of the science learning that Susan loves to see in kids every day.

    And you are an AMAZING friend for orchestrating this great show of support!

  11. What wonderful posts honoring your friend Susan! She really is an inspiration.

    ps: I think it says, Daisies.

  12. Yeah, dunes.

    You are a great friend to a wonderful woman. Thanks for instigating this science fair.

  13. You sure can pack a lot of science stuff into one spring break. We just made muffins, I'm feeling quite inadequate.

    Throwing good vibes Miss Susan's way...

  14. what a wonderful friend you are. I don't have the pleasure of knowing whymommy, and have avoided reading her blog for very selfish personal-grief, cancer-related issues...but she sounds amazing and inspiring. Maybe I should let myself see THAT part.

    The word, I think it is duhkes, "ducks"

  15. Wow, Stimey. I'm blown away, by your words and by your friendship.

    I love that you've integrated science into your everyday experiences -- for this age, that's just the right approach, as kids are natural scientists. And hey, isn't it all kinds of fun?

  16. You sneaked in alot of science there.


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