Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I NEVER Get Nominated for Anything, So Indulge Me.

We have a little business to attend to here.

The other day, I was checking my stats and followed a link back to the 2010 BlogLuxe Awards, where I found Stimeyland in the Funniest Blog category.

Blown away, I was. Knock me over with a feather, you could.

See, all kinds of quality writing about small rodents aside, I NEVER get nominated for awards or put on lists, so I was pretty delighted to find my lil' ol' blog there.

Of course, I have no illusions of victory, because there are some incredibly funny blogs on that list. Hell, I don't even know if I would vote for myself out of the people on that list. (Okay. I take it back. I've totally already voted for myself. Twice.)

Anyway, if you feel like you'd like to vote, please feel free to check out the list of nominees and make your selections.

My other blog, The Junk Pyramid, is also nominated in the Chief Executive Organizer category.

Some of my friends were nominated too! TeachMama is much-deservedly listed in the Blog You've Learned the Most From category. Please vote for her. She's awesome. PunditMom is nominated in the Most Provocative category. Also please go vote for her. Minky (Moo) was nominated in both the Funniest Blog and Beautiful Eye Candy categories. Please go vote for her in the Eye Candy category. I don't think I have to say more.

You can vote once every day until July 12 if you are so inclined.


Also, as long as I'm asking you to do stuff, would you mind heading over to this survey and filling out some quick demographic information? It's for some ads I might be running with Hopeful Parents. If you fill it out, I'll enter you into a drawing to win a $20 gift card from Starbucks or Amazon or Target, or really anywhere you want a gift card from as long as it's easy for me to buy it. To enter the drawing you can enter your email address in the survey, but if you don't want to attach your email address to that information, just leave me a comment on this post telling me that you filled it out. I'll probably pick a winner on, oh, let's say July 15. Thank you!

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