Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mini Jamestown

As I mentioned yesterday, I picked up a little something in the Jamestown gift shop to continue our learning at home. I know. I'm a giant nerd. I bought a 3-D wooden puzzle of the Jamestown Fort because I thought it would be fun and not at all splinter-causing or soul crushing.

I will call it Mini Jamestown.

This afternoon, Sam, Jack, Quinn, and I sat down with the six flat pieces of wood and the three tiny ships that I also bought them to quickly put Jamestown together.

Okay. So how hard can this puzzle be?

Oy. That's a lot of pieces. And...not a lot of instructions.

Okay though. No problem. We're four relatively smart people, even if some of us are more interested in twirling in circles and randomly punching pieces out of the board than systematically putting a puzzle together.

I'm talking about you, sir.

I did have one steadfast helper who patiently let me figure out a plan to put the thing together and use a pencil to jam all the little pieces out.

Thanks, Sam! Hey, wait. Where are you going?

Have you ever gotten a craft to do with your kids only to have them abandon you so you're left at the dining room table pulling splinters out of your fingers and muttering curse words quietly to yourself?

Yeah. Me too.

But, hey! Look! I made a house!

Try not to notice that the roof is upside down.

Guys! Come back! It's starting to take shape! Come back and look! Guys! Guys? Guys...

Fine. Be that way.

It's all coming together. All that's left are the walls.

The walls were easy enough, if a bit flimsy looking. Kids! Come here! I need your boats! But for the love of Christ, don't touch the fortress walls, they are not very sturdy!

Ta da!

So the fortress walls aren't very battle worthy. It's not like Mini Jamestown has any enemies.


Scabbers, not the walls!!

Back to the box with you!

Whew. That was a close one. Thank goodness we vanquished the tiny predator.

Dammit, Squeaky! You too?

That's it. Those mice are going to be punished...with lots of head scritching and rumply cuddles.

So maybe Mini Jamestown wasn't the great group activity I hoped it would be, but at least I know how to make my own fun. Plus, my kids did learn something. Of course that something is that it is great fun to make furry Godzillas out of the mice, but still.

Tomorrow we'll be concluding Jamestown Week by doing a lot of not thinking about Jamestown.

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