Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi friends! Camp Stimey is going on hiatus this week because I have a friend and her kids coming into town for a visit. I told her that I'd be holding Random Activities With Houseguests Week, but I can't quite imagine sitting my friends' kids down and lecturing to them about handwriting and slaughterhouses. Plus, my kids are all in camp or summer school this week, so attendance would be low as well.

So, where should I take them while they're here in town? 


Hey, have you filled out my demographic information survey yet? It would really help me out if you would. If you do, either leave your email address in that form or on this post and I will randomly pick one of you to win a $20 gift card to (mostly) the store of  your choice. Fill it out before July 15 to be in the running for the gift card. If you've already filled it out, thank you, and consider yourself already entered in the drawing.

Updated to add: The survey is for some ads I am considering running with Hopeful Parents. It is their survey and I am aware there are some personal questions there. That is one of the reasons to enter the drawing I'm not asking you to attach your email address to the survey. I understand completely if you don't want to fill it out. :)

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