Friday, September 24, 2010

Dipshit Friday: The You're Glad You're Not Our Pet Edition

Welcome to Dipshit Friday, where I tell you something embarrassing about myself. This is different from every other day of the week because I put a fun little button to the left there.

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Today I'll be telling you about something terribly funny that Alex and I did to our dog in October of 2000. October 31, 2000, specifically. You might be aware that October 31 is Halloween and that the year 2000 was a time before Alex and I had children—human children, that is.

What do you do with kids on Halloween? You dress 'em up. What do you do with (furry) kids who can't talk back and object to what you dress 'em up in? You put them in embarrassing, albeit adorable, costumes.

 Just look at her jaunty clown cap!

The neighborhood children found her hilarious. You know, after she stopped barking at them. I feel that the joy she got out of greeting porchful after porchful of kids made up for the abject humiliation of the costume itself.

She should really just feel fortunate that they don't make giant red clown noses (or shoes!) that fit dogs.

I do feel that the blame for this Dipshit Friday lies not on me and Alex (him: "That was one of the stupider things we have done. Not the stupidest, but..."), but rather on the enormous pet industry that produces all of these costumes. Because, frankly, it is nearly impossible to resist a dog costume that has those little blue pompoms on the front legs.

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