Thursday, September 30, 2010

Famous Kids

Today I was almost reduced to writing about the mushroom I found growing in my backyard. I am that low on material since my little muses shrugged on their backpacks and headed off to school. It's a problem. Fortunately, I didn't spend my whole day today sitting in front of my computer, thus no fungi for you.

Today was the year's first Wall of Fame ceremony. Usually the Wall of Fame is for kids who achieve a certain level on their monthly school assessments, but the first one is for all the kids who completed their summer homework packets.

Sam and Jack were both on the Wall of Fame this month. I took nothing but bad photos of them during the actually ceremony, so all I have to present to you are the photos I took of their Wall of Fame mugshots that hang on the wall (the Wall of Fame as it were) in the hallway of the school.

Lest you think I'm strange, I'm not the only one who was taking photos of the photos.

Sam was on the Wall of Fame, not just for doing his summer packet, but he also earned the citizenship award for his class. So now he has a certificate with his name and the word "respect" on it. Every time he gets all insolent from now on, I'm going to wave it in his face. I might start carrying it with me at all times.

During the ceremony, Sam spent a lot of time focused on the girl sitting to his right. Like, a lot of attention. Like, interested-in-girls a lot of attention. The scandal here—other than the fact that Sam is but a wee baby and shouldn't be noticing girls yet—is that the girl sitting to his right was NOT the girl with whom he exchanges phone calls.

I will keep you posted.

Jack, per usual, was thrilled to be on the Wall of Fame. He earned it too. He worked hard on that packet. At some point near the end of the summer, I kind of tried to plant a seed in his head that he didn't actually have to do the summer packet if he didn't want to, but he insisted on doing it so he could be on the Wall of Fame, so we had to super buckle down to get it all done.

Honestly, between that summer packet and ESY, he worked harder than anyone this summer.

Get a load of those eyebrows in that mugshot. His eyebrows have always been one of the cutest parts of him.

I was naturally very proud of my two older guys, but I think the best part of my day was when I ran into Quinn. He wasn't eligible for the Wall of Fame because incoming kindergarteners don't get summer packets, but I did run into his class when it was marching down the hallway in a little line.

I waited until he saw me, while wondering if I was going to completely blow his little mind. The stages of recognition that his face went through when he saw me are almost indescribable, but quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

Each stage (La, la, la, la, la, I'm walking in a line...—>There's an adult standing there.—>I know that adult...—>Hey! That's my mom!—>What is my mom doing here?—>Oh, right. She's here for the Wall of Fame.—>I need to immediately hug her!) registered for a split second until he ran out of line to give me a hug. It was adorable.

So, yeah, I had to give up a couple hours of my precious time to hang out with my munchkins at their school, but it was well worth it. In fact, it makes me itchy to start volunteering. I like hanging out with the kids at that school. Especially mine.

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