Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Query and a Link

Does anyone else feel like it's a major victory when you unexpectedly run into someone you know in public and you're not doing anything embarrassing?

Because I do. My standards are ridiculously low for myself.


I have a cold and feel kinda crappy. I think it has  a lot to do with my kids having gone back to the germ factory*. I'm going to go wallow in a pile of blankets and used tissues, but before I go, I will send you off to rediscover The Junk Pyramid and my first new post there for a long time. Call it The Junk Pyramid 2.0.

That is all.

* school


Edited to add: The above situation didn't actually happen to me in the last few days. It just occurred to me that after I run into someone I do a little mental rundown: Did I know who they were? Were my clothes appropriate for leaving the house? Did I make an idiotic joke? Were my kids throwing a tantrum at the time? Was I picking at any skin abnormalities or orifices*? You get the point.

* orifi? orifae?

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