Saturday, October 23, 2010

Magical Thinking

I was driving my kids over to my friend H's house today because Alex is out of town and she took pity on me and asked me over to dinner. And, OMG, dinner was good. Thank you, H (and M). You made my weekend.

On the way over, I was chatting with my kids and they started discussing what they would do if they had magic powers. This is always an entertaining conversation to have.

Sam toyed with the idea of time travel at first, so he could travel back in time to school to fix his mistakes. I'll let that sink in for a minute. And then I'll let you know that we are seeking professional help for his anxiety issues.

After discarding that idea, however, he decided that teleportation would be more his style. Regarding magic: "I would use it to get around." You know, kind of like a city bus.

Jack first went with the more aimless idea of "I would shoot lightning out of my finger," but couldn't elaborate why he would do so. He thought about it for a while, then added, "Also, I want to summon a pool with a slide."

You're waiting to hear what Quinn would do with magic aren't you? You're on the edge of your seat, aren't you? Oh, it's even better than you could imagine.

Quinn, given the power of magic, would have big plans.

"I would use it to destroy the world."

Let's hope he never acquires magical powers.


Proving that I can babble on and on about anything, I wrote about professional sports over at Draft Day Suit today. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the site's "Why I Love..." series. The women behind Draft Day Suit are some of my favorites. You shouldn't let their questionable judgment in letting me write about sports for them color your opinion of their fantastic site. So, go over to see Why I Love the Oakland Raiders, then poke around a little to see some of the other cool posts there.

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