Sunday, October 10, 2010

One More Thing About the New Car

So here's something kinda funny.

When we were first looking at our new car before we bought it, I asked the salesguy if our kids would be able to open the back doors while the car was moving. He assured me that they would not be able to, and in fact, even when the car is stopped, in park, and turned off, you have to open the doors from the outside if the child safety locks are engaged.

I was completely happy with this arrangement. Alex was not. 

He disengaged one of the child safety locks but assured me that he left the one on Quinn's side locked, as in his eyes, Quinn was the one most likely to bail from the car.

I told Alex that I thought both sides should be engaged as I have heard waaay more than one story about people with autism opening car doors while the car is in motion and I know that it only has to happen once in the wrong place.

Plus, put a lever in front of Jack, strap him down in front of that lever, and then assume he won't pull it?


Alex was all, "Pfffft, Jack's never done that before," and I had to remind him that Jack has been in a minivan since he was one and a half and therefore had not had the opportunity to leap from a moving car.

I think we ended the conversation by agreeing to re-engage the child safety lock.

Evidently Alex forgot to do that prior to taking the children on their inaugural ride in the car. Guess how long it took Jack to open the door while moving?

Two blocks.

They were stopped at a stoplight probably 0.15 miles from our house when Jack tested the door.

It should please you to hear that the child safety locks are re-engaged.

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