Friday, October 15, 2010

Play Ball! Wait, No. That Doesn't Work. Play...Puck?

I don't know anything about hockey. Not a damn thing. All I know is that Jack loves to play it. He had his first official hockey game last weekend and I had to ask twitter how many people play on each team because I had no idea. (And it's hard to tell at these particular games, because there are lots of mentors there to help the athletes, so there were, like, thirty people on the ice.)

Jack was really excited to play in an actual game because it meant that he could wear his game jersey with his number and his name on the back. He was so excited.

And incredibly adorable.

The hockey game was on Sunday. If you were paying attention, Sunday was 10/10/10. Now, in binary, 101010 = 42. Nerds the world over delighted in this, what with 42 being the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Naturally, Alex and I are a couple of those nerds, but Alex is the only part of this nerd couple who speaks binary.

Number 42 in the hizzouse!

Naturally, Alex was very excited and set about teaching me how to count in binary using a crayon and a paper napkin.

But I digress. Jack was absolutely adorable out on the ice. He very gamely and very slowly skated back and forth from goal to goal, vaguely following the action. He did manage to touch the puck once when he was in the little face off at the beginning of a period when the referee drops the puck between two players on opposite teams and they both try to hit the thing. I don't know what that's called. I told you I don't know anything about hockey.

Jack's team practices at a regular ol' ice rink in Maryland. They got to play this game at the Capitals' practice rink in Virginia. It was very exciting. Jack was fascinated by the timekeeping...thingy hanging from the ceiling. The one at our home rink is not so cool. He fell over more than once because he was trying to look at it while skating right underneath it.

See what I mean about a lot of people on the ice?

Alex, Sam, and Quinn came to the game too, which was very cool, because they hadn't seen Jack skate yet. Alex was blown away. He saw the magic on the ice rink, just like I see it every week. Unfortunately, he was ill prepared for the rink temperature and wore shorts and almost forgot a jacket. Fortunately Quinn and I thought ahead.

You'd never know it was 80 degrees outside.

Sam refused to sit near us. He sat waaay up in the back of the bleachers. Turns out my kid is old enough to sit by himself now. I'm not sure I'm ready for that milestone.

Mr. Independent.

He seemed pretty engrossed in the game. It's unusual for him to sit in one place so quietly for so long, so at one point I finally decided to check on him.


Evidently he was still tired from his sleepover the night before.

I think Jack was tired from the night before too. The players were rotating through every three minutes or so, so Jack played for half of the 45-minute game time. Near the end of the game he began to fall more often. Then he clearly started to notice the attention he was getting from the mentors, many of whom were girl hockey players.

Girl hockey players, by the way, are automatically badass.

Anyway, these mentors gave Jack a lot of attention and he started to ham it up for them. At one point he had five mentors around him helping him up. The coach was joking with him about getting all the ladies.

I think that caused Jack to ham it up even more.

 And ham it up he did.

That kid is lucky he's cute.

I love our hockey team.


I'm all about hockey today. Check out what I wrote about Jack's team over at Hopeful Parents.

You can also read my review of EA Sports' NHL Slapshot over at my review blog.

Now I'm going to go NOT think about hockey.

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