Thursday, October 7, 2010


I spend a lot of time in the room of my house that we call "the TV room." It is thus called because we keep the TV there.

I know. We're nothing if not a literal people.

Also in that room is my desk. I spend a great deal of time sitting at my desk, hunched over my laptop. Whilst sitting at my desk, if I look to my right, I see the TV and whatever nerdy program I have on. If I look to my left, this is what I see:


That computer was new in 2003. It is dyyyying, and slowly. Although I loved this computer dearly for a long time, at this point, I don't even use it. Its only current function is to serve as a conduit to download large music files, which Alex does sporadically. It is amusing, I have to say, to see Alex perched on that little preschool chair.

I decided that I don't like looking at the computer anymore, so I shifted it out of the way and now this is what I get to see when I turn to the left:


I finally decided to move the mice from the kitchen, where I spent three, maybe four minutes a day, to the tv room, where I spend three, maybe four...teen hours a day.

Alex was a little put out by this. He complained that the wheel squeaking would bother him. I kind of like the squeaking wheel, not to mention that I adore the mouse squeaks. Very audibly adorable. They make me happy.

I've learned a lot about the mice in the past day and a half. And by "a lot," I mean "two things." The first is that Whiskers (Alex's black and white mouse) is by far the most energetic. She's always out running around. The second is that the mice like to run on the blue wire wheel in pairs. Oh, and I also learned exactly how many days it takes before mouse stench travels four feet to my desk. So three things.

There is one issue. Our cats never noticed the mice when they lived in the kitchen. Now that the mice are much closer to the ground, our gray cat (a.k.a. the mean cat), Denali, now knows they exist. I'm not concerned about her getting to the mice because I have four metal clips holding the top of the cage on, and frankly, even I have a hard time getting the clips off, so I think they're safe.

I just don't want them to have five tiny little heart attacks when they see this staring at them through the glass.

The benefit, besides the fact that I get to see them all the time, is that they are down at kid level.

 Jack actually fits in the chair.

Jack disappeared for a while this afternoon after he finished his homework. Then I heard him laughing and laughing. He was just hanging out laughing with the mice. Then I made him share his Cheerios with them.

The mice liked them. Big surprise.
The dog also liked the ones Jack spilled on the floor.

They're so fun. I highly recommend mice for any family.

As long as we're knee deep into a pet-heavy post, I thought I'd let you know how my cat is doing. Her vet called the other day and told me that all of her blood work came back with levels in the normal range, which means the medication and fluids I'm giving her are keeping her stable. Hooray! The only thing that's not okay is her red blood cell concentration, which seems serious, but we're rechecking it in two weeks, so I've decided to not Google it.

Now I'm going to go stare at my mice and listen to them run in their little wheel.

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