Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Stimeyland

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday. I mean, I know there are people who are anti-Halloween, but it seems like such harmless fun. Kids get to be all creative and dress up in a costume and adults can buy bags and bags of candy at the grocery store without having the cashiers look at them funny.

Plus it's my sister's birthday, which makes the day all kinds of even better. (Happy Birthday, Ann!)

Of course, like every other holiday/special day/event of consequence, the specialness lasts longer than just one day. For us, it started on Friday at 1:30, which was when the school Halloween Party Fall Festival began, with a costume parade around the school.

I had the extra special joy this year of trying to be in three places at one time instead of just two.

I headed to Quinn's class first, because I figured if any of the classes would need help getting decked out in costumes, it would be the kindergarteners. When I showed up though, they were all ready.

Look, Mom! My name! It says "Quinn!" Right here!

Quinn's cat costume involved a rubber nose as well, but evidently when the paraeducator in the room tried to put it on, he started to gag, so they scrapped it, not wanting to be puked on.

That kid is so proud every time I walk into his classroom. I keep meaning to email the teacher about volunteering in the classroom, but Quinn practically quivers with excitement and loses all semblance of existing as a responsible member of the classroom when he sees me at the school, so I might hold off for a while.

Jack looked awesome in the parade. I know you guys have all been waiting to see how his Lego brick costume turned out, haven't you? Well, I think it turned out Lego-tastic.

 I think he's trying to be as brick-like as possible here.

After the parade the principal led the kids in a couple of cheers and then turned on some music for a dance party. Jack grabbed his teacher's hands and started dancing with her. He is such a doll. And I don't know who made him the best motherfucking costume in the history of costumes, but she must be fucking amazing.

Sam originally wanted to be Harry Potter, but my friend Sue gave me a bag full of Star Wars costumes and the Darth Vader costume had a belt and gloves and all around awesomeness, so Sam immediately decided he wanted to save me $30 bucks on costume buying and be Darth Vader instead. Awesome.

And handsome! Look at him.

This is the first time I had been in Sam's class since school started. This is mainly because when I told him that I wanted to volunteer in his class, he was all, "Don't be embarrassing, okay?" which is totally a case of What Goes Around Comes Around, because I have vivid memories of telling my mom prior to every single parent-teacher conference, "Don't say anything to embarrass me."

I think it's because I make a point of giving him a giant hug in front of his friends every time I see him at school.

Oh man.

I AM embarrassing.

Why didn't you tell me?

Anywho, I think we were talking about Halloween, weren't we?

Well, the day finally rolled around today, much to Quinn's delight. He has been waiting and waiting for trick or treating. Today he found five pumpkin buckets, lined them up, then sang Five Little Pumpkins complete with dance moves.

Much like he foisted the tiny pumpkin on me,
he tried to give me the tiny bucket.

For dinner I fed them Rice Krispie treat bats, straight from Wisconsin, care of my mother-in-law.

Well, that and actual food.

After that our first trick or treater came and we got all excited and put on costumes and commenced to running around in circles in the yard.

Look how I remembered to safely dress them in ALL BLACK.

Shortly after this, a terrible thing happened. Jack was running toward the house and he fell. I sprinted to him thinking to myself (and quite possibly out loud), "No, no, no, no, no, not the Lego costume. Please be okay, Lego costume. No, no, no." He sat up and three of his Lego stud/cat food cans dropped to the ground, and then he started to cry.

My friend L and I had those cans re-shaped into circles, my hot glue gun fired up, and those cans glued back on almost before I could find a band-aid to put on Jack's knee.

Not bad, huh?

He's even more brick-like here.

Actually, that photo might be from before the fall. I don't know. My point is that we were super fixers and Halloween Crisis 2010 was averted.

We had all kinds of fun trick or treating. My kids did completely invade the house of the neighbors who moved in next door less than a month ago, but the lady was cool about it. It turns out that her mom has Asperger's, which is one of the greatest things I've heard ever.

Someone who gets it. Right. Next. Door. (We actually had that conversation a couple weeks ago, not when Quinn was rummaging through the lady's paper bag for his preferred candy bar.)

Cool beans.

Quinn made me carry his bucket around for him, maybe so he would have both hands free to grab candy. He would run up to a door, get candy, come back to put it in his bucket and shout, "I collected! I'm a great collector!"

Aren't you proud of me?!

Afterward, we came back and my kiddos ate candy and answered the front door.

Here is Sam waiting for trick or treaters so he can
give away the Almond Joys I'm trying to hide.

Jack, who wore a t-shirt under his Lego brick and refused to wear a coat or sweatshirt, came home and tied a blanket around himself in two places. Then he played with Legos.

He's nothing if not predictable.

What did Quinn do, you ask? He crammed as much candy into his mouth as he could and asked me over and over if I was proud of him for doing so.

I kinda was. He ate a LOT of candy.

Do you want to hear the best part of this whole thing? I actually scheduled all three of them for dentist appointments tomorrow. What terrible mother makes dentist appointments for children the day after Halloween? Also, good luck to me not letting them eat candy right before their teeth cleaning.

Happy Halloween to everyone! And Happy Birthday (again) to Ann!

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