Friday, November 5, 2010

Making His Wall of Fame Debut...

That's right. Señor Quinn.

Yes, today was Wall of Fame ninety-six of approximately six billion to come. This particular one was special though, because it was Quinn's first time being honored for getting high scores on his assessments, which is what the Wall of Fame is for.

That, and eating pizza and drinking an iridescent yellow juice-like substance.

I do love the Wall of Fame. I think it is a great motivator for the kiddos. I like it even more now that Quinn sits with his classmates on the other side of the aisle instead of with me. He's somebody else's problem now.

He was very proud. Even though he did look like a little bit of a street urchin with his bed head and stained sweat pants. Especially after one kid showed up in a tie. None of my kids even own ties.

Seriously. This is Quinn's formal wear.

Jack's para told me that when he heard Quinn's name and saw him go get his certificate that he started cheering.

I love me some Team Stimey Junior.

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