Monday, December 27, 2010

The End of the Season

Team Stimey had a lovely Christmas this year. It was just the five of us and we burrowed into our living room for three days and played with each other and chatted and ate a lot of food and then just when that was too much, Alex made us all go to the park in gale force winds and sub-freezing temperatures where my kids rolled down a hill over and over until they were nauseated.

All in all, a pretty good Christmas weekend.

Then, today we ripped down all the Christmas decorations and threw the tree out into the front yard. (We are the neighbors everyone wishes they had.)

My kids are home from school this week, so I'm sure I'll have some good stories for you soon—and some ponderables, such as "when Jack acts like a crab sidling back and forth with his arms in the air for 20 minutes, would you guess that he is happy or that he is screaming for intervention?"(I ended up falling somewhere in the middle on that one.)

But for now, I'm going to relax, clean my desk, and not think about anything other than the movie Alex is about to put in the DVD player.

See you soon!

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