Saturday, December 4, 2010


So. We're not Jewish. Therefore, when Jack kept mentioning how excited he was for December 1st, Alex and I didn't think much of it. However, after he'd told us several times how much he was looking forward to December 1st, it finally occurred to us to ask him why.

"Because it's Chanukah," he said.

Well, good on him for knowing when the first day of Chanukah was, we thought. We chatted with him a little bit about how Chanukah is a Jewish holiday and about how we're not Jewish, and we concluded with, "We don't celebrate Chanukah."

"After sundown we do," Jack answered.

Touché, Jack. Touché.

You can probably guess what happened next. Yep. We celebrated Chanukah.

Before you say anything, YES, I KNOW WE'RE DOING IT WRONG. Because we only celebrated Chanukah on one day, we lit all of the candles on the first day. You should just be glad that I sent Alex to the grocery store to buy Chanukah candles because Target was all out of them.

In fact, all Target had that fit my new menorah were birthday candles that said "Happy Birthday!" right there on the candle, which seemed...inappropriate. Also, in one of my less than fine moments, I saw a man in a yarmulke in the birthday card section and almost asked him if it was okay to use the birthday candles.

I did explain to my kids that the holiday generally takes place over eight days and why it lasts eight days. You can see my notes up there on the table.  You can also see the latkes I made FROM SCRATCH.

After we learned about Chanukah and lit the menorah, we played the dreidel game, which, I have to say, seems a whole lot like gambling to me. In my house, it came complete with teasing, pointing, and laughing at the player who spun "Nun" every time. That would be me.

I caught the teasing in action.

I do have to say, I've never gambled before where you could occasionally stop and say, "Okay, everybody, eat a piece of your winnings." That kind of rocked. It was way better than losing your rent money in Reno.

The latkes were really good too. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for making them. Although Alex observed later that it looked like a potato exploded in our kitchen. It was worth it though. Sam refused to try them, but Jack and Quinn both liked them. Quinn even shouted, "These are delicious!"

And when we were all stuffed full of latkes, the dog liked them too.

This is pretty much what we do with all of our leftover food.

Oh, and in case you are wondering why you couldn't see Quinn in any of the photos in this post, it's because he was invisible that day.

To all of you who are Jewish, Happy Chanukah! Thank you for sharing your holiday with Team Stimey.

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