Monday, December 20, 2010

Just to Prove I'm Still Alive

There isn't a whole lot going on in Stimeyland these days. Tonight I asked Alex what I should write about because in the back of my head I keep hearing, "haven't posted since Tuesday...haven't posted since Tuesday..." All he could come up with was, "Well, Jack stayed home sick today."

I know. We're alive with action here.

Well, not all of us.

Hmmm. What else?

Oh, right, when Quinn was running home after he got off the bus today, he tripped over a stick and took a header into the sidewalk. Ironically, he had put the stick there on the way to the bus stop this morning.

It was terribly tragic.

 His giant, intense bump was outshined only by his giant, intense bedhead.

In other exciting Team Stimey news, Quinn took his frustration at the stick out on the dog, who was forced to wear all of his winter gear.

 She says, "help me."

That's it. I got nothing else. Except this:

It's always the innocent who suffer.

Now I have something new echoing through my head: "haven't posted anything of worth since Tuesday...haven't posted anything of worth since Tuesday..."

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