Thursday, January 20, 2011


One of the best things about having had three kids in just over three and a half years is how much fun they are together. I love seeing them form bonds and friendship and seeing all the permutations of that friendship, what with the shifting alliances and whatnot.

Regardless of who is in favor and who is besties with whom, Sam is virtually always the leader. He tends to be a benevolent ruler most of the time and has apparently earned the love and respect of his loyal brothers.

One day last week, I found the following two notes randomly around the house, the first one from Jack and the second from Quinn. I don't know what Sam did, but it must have been awesome.

Dear Sam, Well Done! I love you! You are my Bro! From, Jack*

* I have no idea what the goo smeared all over the note is. Welcome to my life.

I do have a sneaking suspicion that the accomplishment may have been video game related. Also, while the last sentence looks like a statement of fact, I have a feeling that it carries some emotion with it as well.

Being a grammar nerd (used to be a copy editor, remember?), I'm also very proud that other than a couple of capitalization errors, Jack punctuated the hell out of that note.

Now, when you look at Quinn's note, you should remember that he is just learning to read and write—and a cuter thing than watching a five-year-old learn to read and write, there cannot be.

Sam I love you. I will have a party. We'll be friends forever.*

* Official translation, supplied by Quinn

I have very little idea what the pictures represent, although it looks a little bit like Quinn plans to shut Sam in a large container.

It is such a cool thing to see my kiddos grow together. I have long said that I would love to have a gajillion kids, but I don't want to give birth to them or pay for them. And I'd need a live-in nanny.

I specifically remember the moment (I was in my car at a traffic light coming home from a pediatrician appointment) when I realized that in no way was I equipped to parent more than three children.

Much as I would like for them to be part of a huge family of kids, they are destined to be part of a triad, which is not such a bad thing. Especially when that triad is made up of the Elements of Awesome: Sam, Jack & Quinn.

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