Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party Like It's Valentine's Day! (Even Though It's Really Not.)

Valentine's Day is Monday, so naturally my school had all of their Valentine's Day parties yesterday, on Friday. Don't ask me, I don't get it either. I assume it has something to do with jamming our kids full of sugar and then sending them home for two days to work it out of their systems.

Anywho, I spent a little more than an hour yesterday afternoon wandering from party to party, which is so much more fun now that I don't have Quinn with me getting more hepped up on sugar at every stop. He was able to do that without me in his own classroom.

I started in Jack's classroom. I was curious to see how valentine distribution was going to go, because it was last year at Jack's Valentine's Day party that I figured out that Jack didn't know the names of any of the kids in his class.

I have seen Jack be much more engaged with his peers this year, so I was hopeful that he might know their names, but I also know that Jack can engage with a person for a long time without caring or bothering to ask what their name is.

He did all right. He knew a lot more people than he did last year. I did watch him find some of the kids by reading the name tags on the desks and it was clear that he had absolutely no clue who some of them were. Here's the thing though: I am not distressed by this. No, he doesn't know everyone's name, but knowing some kids names is so much better than knowing no kids names. Plus, his team have been encouraging his interactions so much this year. It's not perfect, and there is still work to be done (a LOT of work), but he's making progress, and I was able to leave his party feeling happy instead of devastated.

I also left his party feeling happy because there is this very cute little girl in Jack's class who tells me I'm pretty every time I go in there. Naturally I love her very, very much and try to hang out near her desk as much as possible. She has a long complicated name and she asked me how Jack spelled her name right. She was very impressed. I didn't have the heart to tell her that he just copied it off the list (and that he had to find her from the name tag taped to her desk). Especially after she followed up her question with, "You're beautiful." I think her compliments have more to do with my long hair than anything, but it makes me feel good, so shut up.

I headed to Sam's class next, where the teacher was actively trying to give away treats to other classes. After everyone sent in party supplies, she had something like 68 cupcakes. (And chips and candy and cookies...) To her credit, she was forcing fruit on the children as well. The napkins I sent in were well received.

The best thing about Sam's party is the valentine he had made for our family.

It's maybe the best valentine I've ever seen. (I think I say that about every valentine my kids give me though.)

Quinn's party involved me showing up in his room and him taking twenty minutes to put on his coat. He had given out his farting cat valentines to his teacher and the para in his class (and his more socially appropriate store-bought cat and dog valentines to his classmates).

What? Your kids don't give farting cat valentines to the authority figures in their lives? Then you are missing out on things like this:

He still has one farting cat valentine to give to his school OT on Monday. I hope she is impressed by all his fine motor work.

Now I'm going to go work on sugar detox for my kids. Maybe I can find some carrots or something to forcefeed them.

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