Monday, April 25, 2011

The Myth of the Easter Bunny

So, it turns out that mice are really squirmy when you're trying to squirt medicine into their tiny little mouths. But it also turns out that medicine seems to help with the scratching, thank goodness. It also turns out that I will be out of town this weekend and Alex will have to give the mouse medicine twice a day.

Commence to laughing now.

But this isn't another post about mice. (Okay, Lynn?)

Yesterday was Easter. Easter isn't a big deal around here. In fact, I think I kind of shocked my mom the other day because I told her that after we put her in her nursing home (the cheapest we could find, of course), we would visit her every year without fail on Easter because it's one of the less important holidays. She then informed me that in fact it is perhaps the most important Christian holiday of the year.

But this isn't a post about my Godlessness. (And frankly, Mom, whose fault is it that I was raised the way I was? I hope you like your pagan retirement home in the bad part of town.)

This is a post about Sam. Sam found out the truth about the Easter Bunny yesterday. He has been a little suspicious about the magic holiday characters for a while now, but things came to a head yesterday after our egg hunt when he wanted Alex to hide the eggs for a second hunt and Alex said, "I don't want to hide the eggs again."


So The Myth of the Easter Bunny toppled, followed shortly after by The Myth of Santa Claus. (The Myth of the Tooth Fairy has not yet been discussed.)

Sam, surprisingly, was completely unfazed. I think we were all ready for the formal question and acknowledgment of the Great Lie. Fortunately, he couldn't have cared less that we lied to him.  We talked about not telling his brothers or kids at school, that he still gets gifts from these characters and that he could help us with these types of holidays now that he knows the truth.

He was thrilled with that news and now seems to have plans for instigating a special Thanksgiving turkey character that leaves gifts.

It is possible that we have created a monster.

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