Monday, April 4, 2011

Seattle, Autism & Oh Yeah, We're Puking Again!

I spent the end of last week in Seattle. It was a great trip with some great people and was all kinds of crazy fun. I wrote about it on my review blog. You can find the post if you click here.
Bellevue, near Seattle, from my hotel room.
Do you want to know why I was in Seattle? Here's a hint:

I came home late Saturday night and woke up on Sunday to Quinn climbing into bed with me with a mom-buoying "MOMMMMMYYY!!" It was great. It's always so nice to come home to my munchkins.

Then, this morning it was back to real life when I dragged Jack all the way to Baltimore for an appointment with a developmental pediatrician. This appointment was actually really fantastic, but Jack got carsick on the way home and threw up all over the sidewalk outside the 7-11 where I planned to buy him a doughnut. Then, much later in the day on the way home from speech therapy, he got sick again and threw up aaaaalllllll over the car. Oh, dear lord, it was a scene.

I guess he wasn't car sick the first time? Or maybe he was just super duper car sick both times? Dammit, I really want him to go to school tomorrow.

Speaking of Jack, I would also like to point you to a post I wrote about autism awareness day, which was April 2. Even if you missed it, never fear, because it's autism awareness month for all of April. Whooooo-hooooo! My post is all about why even though sometimes it gets very tiring to think and talk and BE AWARE of autism ALL THE TIME, there are very good reasons to do so.

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