Monday, May 9, 2011

Family Skate Night, a.k.a. Thunderdome

Are y'all sick of hockey yet?

No problem, I'll write about something else. How about ice skating? Jack's hockey team had a family skate night where all of the team's players and their families could come out and skate for an hour, followed by a medal ceremony for all the kids who went to the tournament in Boston.

Probably the best part of family skate night for me was watching Jack take enormous glee in being soooo much better at skating than any of the rest of us. He cruised around the rink over and over again, challenging Alex and I to races and generally showing off what a badass he is.

Quinn was quite the trooper and worked super hard to skate. Sam, nursing a fluid-filled ear and exhibiting early signs of surly tweendom, refused to skate, but did take my camera and prove he is a blogger's kid by taking photo after photo.

For example, this photo, which is possibly the best photo of Alex I've ever seen in my life.

The evening was kind of brutal, with children and adults crashing everywhere and clinging to walls and other people. Even Jack took a couple of bad spills, causing some sort of screw in his knee to break. At least that is what he told me. When presented with an opportunity to show off, however, that screw magically fixed itself. I think we've discovered the reasoning behind shin guards.

I have no idea where Jack gets that need to show off, but I will tell you that I am awesome at skating and took the opportunity to literally skate in rings around Alex a couple of times. (By "awesome," I mean "not completely embarrassing.") Alex didn't care much for that, by the way.

Quinn was awesome. He even managed to figure out how to reach down and grab some snow off of the ice to eat without falling down. And, yeah, I know. Here's my question though. Is eating shaved ice off of an ice skating rink the same as, say, eating a Cheerio off of a store floor? It seems cleaner on the ice. It's not like people walk around outside on their skate blades.

And, yes, I stopped him.

I don't know what I'm doing to him here, though.

Maybe raising him to the glass by his cheeks?

After all the dust settled, the coach gave medals to all of the tournament players. Jack was really proud and deigned to stop skating laps for a millisecond to accept his. It's his first medal ever and, trust me, that kid earned it.

Evidentally, the medal ceremony took place in a dark cave.

And just to make sure that we don't leave Mr. Surly McDeadpan out, here is the photo he allowed me to take of him.

It was a good night for Team Stimey. I'm glad that Jack felt pride in his skating abilities and I'm glad that Jack's brothers got a chance to see him do something that he is good at and for which he was honored. I like to make sure that each of my kids gets to be the star every once in a while. Family skate night was definitely Jack's night to shine.

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