Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Laugh or Cry, People. Laugh or Cry.

I volunteer in Jack's class every Tuesday. I love going into his classroom and seeing his wonderful teacher work with him. I also like seeing how the other kids are so nice to him. This year's class has been really good for Jack. And for me.

Today, however, was not my best visit. It started out well enough with Jack copying a poem he'd written about my iPhone. But then I discovered that we somehow missed news of not one, but two of his assignments, one of which was due today. I'd like to blame Jack for this, due to his spotty track record of bringing home some of his assignments, but I do admit that I probably didn't read a teacher note or homework packet closely enough.

Nicely done, Stimey.

Then there was Jack's complete refusal to do his work, which I see ALL THE TIME, but for some reason today reduced me to "No, no, those aren't tears, not at all, I think I might just grab this tissue and then go get a drink of water, dear lord, please don't be nice to me right now or I am going to look like the biggest nutcase in the history of sobbing school volunteers, oh that water was delicious, I think I might have to go back over there, and is it sunny in here, because I might just need my sunglasses."

Again, nicely done, Stimey. There's gotta be a way to get those tear ducts cauterized closed once and for all.

I think instead of dwelling on that, I am going to pass on this email I got from my friend/the para in Quinn's class. She emailed this to me several weeks ago and I have been saving this paragraph for just such an occasion as this.

I give you Quinn, who is just exactly as insane in school as he is at home:

"Yesterday, while the class was sitting on the rug going over the agenda for the day, Q-ball got on his hands and knees, smooshed his face into the rug so as to get his rear-end pointed as high as possible, then said "I have flames shooting out of my butt."  Then got up and smiled at Mr. H and me and shouted, "Burn, baby, Buurrn!"

Fortunately, this para and his teacher think Quinn is as funny as I do. Or so I hope.

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