Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mother of the Year, Part V

A couple of weeks ago when Sam was home sick I decided to show him an episode of Doctor Who. I figured he was old enough and Doctor Who is campy enough that it wouldn't be scary and that he would really enjoy it. I thought it would be something we could enjoy together.

I'm trying to create the perfect super nerd in at least one of my children.

It's not even like I showed him one of the scary episodes. Weeping angels? *shudder*

Well, naturally, I've scarred him for life.

He was fine when we were watching it, but if you were to ask him today what his very worst sick day was, he will tell you that it was the day I made him watch Doctor Who.

Now he has some sort of PTSD reaction to the sounds of the theme music if Alex and I are trying to watch it in another room after he goes to bed. Consequently, on those nights he cannot go to sleep at night anymore. I am a really good mom.

Of course, the other night, Jack spent 40 minutes lurking unseen in the hallway and watched an entire episode. HE loved it. I guess I'm trying to nerdify the wrong kid.

Lesson learned.


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