Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And Then There's Quinn

You've already seen Jack and Sam's backpack contents. I think you know that Quinn's would be full of all kinds of good stuff too, right? I've chosen some fun pages for you, folks.

Every week, Quinn's teacher had his class write about what they did over the weekend and draw a picture of said activity. Quinn's collection of these pages is full of imagination, fancy—and very little reality.

There is, however, a strong theme to all his pages, and that theme is QUINN LOVES ANIMALS OH SO VERY VERY VERY VERYVERYVERYVERY MUCH!


I won't subject you to all eleventy billion pictures, but I've selected my favorites, along with a full list of our weekend activities (according to the Q-ball). I've corrected his spelling when I retyped the sentences, but I am in love with his "wif" instead of "with" and other such mistakes. This is a pack of papers I'll be keeping forever. (Quinn's sentences in bold.)

Without further ado...The Year According to Quinn!

September 7: "I swam on my back."

He's in there somewhere.

September 13: "I went swimming on my back."

September 20: "I went on my submarine. I put my head, face, hands, and body in the water, but not feet." Clearly this kid had swimming on his mind. It being September, though, I can guarantee you that we did not swim each of those weekends. Nor does he have a submarine.

September 27: "I buy mice."

October 4: "Swimming on my head but not my feet."

I don't even know how you would swim with your head but not your feet. Based on his expression in the picture above, I don't think he does either.

October 11: "Izzy is sensitive to special cat food. Denali likes regular cat food."

Denali is the giant striped cat. Izzy is the tiny black cat.

This is about the time that my cat Izzy got really sick. Izzy is doing well now, although I am constantly fighting to keep the other cat, Denali (known 'round these parts as "The Mean Cat"), and the dog from eating that special cat food of hers. Evidently it is delicious.

October 18: "I bought mice."

Don't ask me what the mouse is saying to the cat there. I have no idea.

There are a lot of weeks that Quinn claimed to have purchased mice over the weekend. He is a liar. If he were telling the truth, we would have six thousand mice by now. Just to set the record straight, we are strictly a five-mouse family.

October 25: "I bought mice."

November 3: "I went trick or treating."

As what? A bat?

November 8: "I got a mouse."

November 15: "I played Force Unleashed 2."

November 22: "I ate a lot of peanut butter honey sandwiches."

That is one big-ass PB & honey sandwich.

November 29: "I looked at Garfield and Odie."

I like that Quinn's animals are always smiling. I also like the way he makes striped cats.

December 6: "Mouse house over the weekend."

December 13: "I decorated my Christmas tree and I saw a robot mouse."

I vaguely remember talk of a robot mouse around Christmas. In fact, I think it might be what Quinn wanted to ask Santa for. Interestingly, the robot mouse isn't smiling.

December 20: "Over the weekend I pet my cat."

And stabbed her with a carrot.

January 3: "Over the weekend I played with Legos."

January 10: "Over the weekend I played with my cat."

January 19: "Over the weekend I played the Wii."

January 25: "Over the weekend I drank milk."

And got jaundice.

January 31: "Over the weekend I played Super Smash Bros."

Check out the sad character on the TV.

February 7: "Over the weekend I petted Izzy the cat."

February 14: "Over the weekend I watched TV with my cat." You know how you used to read fortunes from fortune cookies and add "in bed" to the end? I kind of feel like Quinn just adds "with my cat" to the ends of all of his sentences.

February 21: "Over the weekend I pet my cat."

Quinn's head took a sudden turn for the engorged this week. I do enjoy the black and blue theme though.

February 28: "Over the weekend I pet my cat."

March 7: "Over the weekend I wrote a book."

Awesome pencil, dude.

He's not kidding, incidentally. This is probably the one accurate sentence from all year. Quinn covets empty notebooks and fills them with drawings and words. I have stapled together stacks of paper and composition notebooks full of Quinn's creations all over my house. It's one of the coolest things about that kid.

March 14: "Over the weekend I pet my cat." And back to the cat.

March 21: I have no idea what happened this week because there is no paper for March 21. I'm actually a little bit broken up over it.

March 28: "Over the weekend I made my cat watch TV."

I like that he included the wires for the TV.

I love that he MADE his cat watch TV. I have this image of him sitting on the cat and holding her head facing the television.

April 4: "Over the weekend I played with Sammy's DS."

April 11: "Over the weekend I watched TV."

April 26: "What did you do over the spring break? I did so much stuff it blew my mind."

Note: "It BLUE my mind."

My guess is that Quinn was unable to remember a single thing he did over spring break.

May 2: "Over the weekend I played video games. I also played with Sam. I also piggy back rode on Sam and I had a good dinner and I played outside."

May 9: "Over the weekend I got chased by a Goomba."

That's the Goomba on the bottom left.

After this, I think the teacher and the para think that we're into the mob for some money, but you Nintendo enthusiasts out there will know that a Goomba is a character from Super Mario.

May 16: "Over the weekend I played Donkey Kong Country Returns."

May 23: "Over the weekend I [slept] on the couch with Nana and Jack."

We don't have a guest room, so when my mom comes to visit, she sleeps on the pull-out couch in the living room. Jack and Quinn like to sleep with her. I like that in this picture, there are motion lines to imply a lot of tossing and turning because that really lets you know what it is like to sleep with the two of them.

May 31: "Over the weekend I slept all day and night plus I woke up in my bed." I guess that Nana went home.

June 6: "Over the weekend I was in chocolate heaven. No one saw me and no one was there with me. I was happy."

This is one of my favorites. If you look closely, you will see that there was, in fact, a chocolate cat with him. Although I can't quite imagine Quinn being happy in a place where there is no one for him to talk at.

June 13: "Over the weekend I ran around the house."

"Faster than the speed of light!"

He's so fast that he has wheels! This is a good one to end on, because he really does run around the house pretty much ALL THE TIME. Our house has a circular layout, which means that Quinn can do laps around the whole main floor. We put a coffee table in the living room last week. It's kind of cramped his style. I'm waiting for the day he crashes directly into it and breaks a shin.

There you have it. The year, according to Quinn. I love these because they are little snapshots into the mind of a psychotic Quinn. While most of these statements are completely made up, it really shows what is important to Quinn. (I'm trying to not notice how addicted to electronics he is, so let's just gloss over that part, m'kay?) The thread that I see woven through these pages are love, happiness, and whimsy. It delights me that this is what Quinn produces.

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