Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Nother Day, 'Nother Camp

Today both Jack and Quinn had camp in different locations, both starting at 9:30. Such is the way of my life. Next year I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to have to pick up kids from three different buses at exactly the same time. I'm attempting the cloning process in August, during Science Week at Camp Stimey.

(If I talk about Camp Stimey enough, will you folks believe that I am actually conducting it without my having to interact with my children at all?)

Team Stimey headed out en masse this morning, dropping Jack off at his camp first. By the time we got there, he was car sick, so he walked in and told one of the teachers, "If I throw up, you should call my mom." Naturally, he said this in front of all the other parents who probably assume that I was introducing a virulent flu into their midst. Good times.

Jack then proceeded to lay down on the carpet in the most pathetic fetal position possible, at which time the rest of us cut and ran.

SPOILER ALERT: He was fine.

We then headed off to drop Quinn off at his camp, which was at his old preschool and which he had been begging to attend. Anxiety hit him strong this morning though and he completely lost his shit. When Sam and I left, the teacher was holding him as he struggled and screamed.

SPOILER ALERT: He was also fine.

We headed home where Sam immediately went into his bedroom and shut the door. Every time I knocked on the door and went in, he looked extremely guilty. I think he might have been sneaking video game time in there. I eventually forced him to take the dog for a walk with me, during which he walked a full ten steps ahead of me the whole time.

SPOILER ALERT: I was not fine.


Quinn's camp was only half day, so Sam and I went to pick him up. I fully expected to see him capering in the little swimming pools on the preschool lawn when we got there, but we pulled up and saw no sign of Quinn. All his little friends from his last year of preschool were there, but no Quinn.

Weird. We got out of the car and I heard the teacher say, "Quinn, your mom is here!" but I didn't see him right away. The reason?

He was sound asleep under a tree.

He was pretty surly for a while after we woke him up (he was particularly perturbed by the grass imprints on his upper body) and I thought it was a little weird that he'd fallen asleep, but he perked up after a while, so I figured he was okay. Then, on the way to pick up Jack, he fell asleep again. And on the way home from picking up Jack, he fell asleep again.

Figures. I sign Quinn up for three days of camp all summer long and he decides to get sick TODAY. He has 65 other days of summer to be sick and he chooses today.

SPOILER ALERT: Stimey = devastated.

I do have to say though, that he seems a lot better now, so I'm wondering if maybe he was just hot and tired. It was, like, 95 degrees today, so that is plausible. We'll see how he is feeling tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers for him me.

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