Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp Stimey Kicks Off!

Well, I'm finally doing it. I'm getting my act together and planning some activities with my kiddos! I am quite pleased with myself about it, actually. Poor Alex. He has the week off because he is starting a new job on Monday, so he is getting dragged along as well.

I know you are all dying to hear what week one of Camp Stimey 2011 is, aren't you? Well, wait no longer, because week one is Water Week! I came up with a bunch of my own ideas for this week and have also stolen a couple from the Smart Summer Challenge that Teach Mama is heading up.

We are kicking off Water Week with a visit to a local park that has a stream running through it, as we learn about small bodies of water on Monday. We will also be walking over a bridge that Quinn badly wants to walk over. Unfortunately, this bridge crosses a road and not a river, but beggars (read: victims of insistent whining) can't be choosers.

On Tuesday, we're going to be learning about the world geography of water and maybe the science of water, depending on how ambitious I feel. Tuesday will involve some artwork.

On Wednesday, we're going to learn about things that live in water—that aren't fish. We're also going to learn about oceans. And I'm going to make my kids drink saltwater. Oh, I kid.

On Thursday, I was thinking about having a Camp Stimey meet-up at Lake Needwood, but I just visited their webpage and they're apparently dredging and refilling the lake or some such. I had no idea you could even do that to a lake. Maybe I'll teach my kids about dredging lakes. Well, at least I figured this out prior to dragging all you out there.

Maybe we'll go to the little lake at Meadowside Nature Center for a picnic instead. You all are invited. Let me know if you are interested in meeting us on Thursday and at what time. I'm thinking 11 a.m. or so.

Friday is going to be arts and crafts morning. We're going to be making some paper fish that I made in school when I was a kid. Plus some more stuff. Then we're going to Alex's going away party from his current job...where we will drink water. (Give me a break. I'm trying.)

Naturally, we'll also be swimming every day, as we learn about the smallest body of water of all—our backyard pool.

If you can't tell, we're kind of easing our way into things. I also have plans to deep clean my TV room while my kids play video games and watch TV shows that involve water. Trust me, there are several.

Do you have any more fun ideas for us for Water Week? I have a couple of other things up my sleeve that I haven't mentioned yet, but I'm open for more.

Upcoming weeks are going to be all kinds of fun. I have planned All About Me Week, The Five+ Senses Week, Art Week, American Indian Week, and Foreign Countries Week. I've tried to not be overly ambitious so that I'll actually follow through. Although at least one of the weeks listed involves a trip to a museum with expensive art on display, so don't be worried that Less Ambition means Less Risk and Adventure!

Also, I have a new Camp Stimey 2011 design in my Stimeyland shop, which I mention not because I expect you to purchase a shirt or a tote bag, but because my mom might want to know. Because she might really want a beer stein with the pontificating gerbil on it.

Wish us luck with Water Week!

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