Sunday, July 31, 2011

In Which I Pass the Buck to YOU!

I had plans this weekend...oh, I had plans. I was going to be a writing machine. I was going to tell you all about Jack's end of camp performance and the end of All About Me Week and the beginning of Art Week. I also have a column I'm writing for Autism Unexpected that I am pretty excited about and was going to write over the weekend.

But then I got my ague and now I have TWO mice with tumors and I had to shop for a dress to wear to a wedding and my computer was whirring loudly and so I spent my first day of full uprightness fretting about when to call the vet and then going to the mall to shop (not terribly scarring, but not my favorite thing) and fight the throngs at the Apple Store (never go there on a weekend, by the way).

My fingers are super-crossed that I will be motivated and have time tomorrow to do some of this stuff I have to do. I have the greatest of hope that I will be funny and/or interesting again someday soon.

Instead, I challenge YOU to be funny and/or interesting in my comments.

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