Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quinn vs. Sam

All About Me Week is proving to be very illuminating, particularly in the "who is willing to follow directions and who is the most Hatey McAngrypants" department.

Our activity today was to draw outlines of Sam and Quinn's bodies and then have them color them to look like themselves. I had originally planned to have them also write their physical traits on the paper as well, but after the disaster that was, ahem, half of the project, I decided to scrap that part.

Can you guess who was eager to draw and who pouted in the corner? This photo might give you a hint.

Quinn is drawing a rainbow around himself. Sam is surly.

Quinn also did a nice job with his face.

Can you tell which one is real?

Sam was really angry that I was asking him to color in his outline. In fact, he is pretty much upset at doing anything having to do with Camp Stimey. He might be aging out of the program. Or I need to up my game. Or trade him in for another six-year-old, because I like Rainbow Brite Quinn.

Sam finally realized that I wasn't letting him out of the kitchen without him putting clothes on his outline, so he escaped for a second and came back with...

I give him points for creativity.

He then went to get a marker and set to work on the face. I was excited. Things were looking up!

Thanks for the commentary, Sam.

Also, is it just me, or does Sam's interpretation of himself look a whole lot like Lord Voldemort?

Never one to let an opportunity to show up a brother slide, Quinn made one last addition to his picture before he called it quits.

"I am good."

I wonder if Sam felt the shiv go into his back.

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