Friday, July 29, 2011


I spent the day today wearing a sweatshirt, which is not that big a deal until you realize that the temperature gauge on my car read 103 degrees the last time I checked it.

Welcome back, ague, I've missed you.

Thank God my kids are the kind of children that will let me rest on the couch while they play video game after video game and watch TV all day. Also, did you know that Thundercats is back on TV? Because it is.

Yesterday, I think I was awake for about four hours of my day, 90 minutes of which were spent entertaining Jack and Quinn at a McDonald's play place while Sam was at a birthday party. Also, I forgot to take my sweatshirt there and it was COLD. I almost cried.

In related news, me = wuss.

I have a bunch of blogworthy stuff to tell you, but for now, I am going to curl up in the fetal position on my couch and pretend that I am made of tougher stuff than I am.

FYI, if you have called or emailed me of late, this is why I haven't gotten back to you. Not just because I want to sleep, but also because the lightheadedness and fever is giving me a distinctly drunken feeling. And not the good "I love you, man" kind, but the "I need to reach my bed before I fall over and/or do/say something embarrassing" kind. (Like write this whiny blog post kinda thing.)

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