Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hockey Season Is Upon Us!

(Although, really, because the season is from September through May, when is hockey season NOT upon us?)

Nonetheless, Jack and I headed back to the ice rink last Saturday for his first skate since last May, at which time he had been claiming that he never wanted to play hockey again and if he so much as saw a hockey puck he would set fire to this whole damn house, so help me God!

Or he said that he didn't want to play hockey anymore.

I was so happy in the days leading up to last weekend to hear Jack counting down the days to practice and asking if he could skate when we stopped by the rink to sharpen his skates. I was thrilled to hear him say yes and give me a giant thumbs up when I asked him if he was excited to play hockey again.

Friday night, he was all keyed up because he was excited. Seriously, people, this is kind of unprecedented. He rarely gets visibly excited for something in advance.

He even had an opinion on what hockey socks to wear.
Seriously. Unprecedented.

I took a photo of him actually looking at the camera while he was in the locker room, but he looks CRAZY in it, so I decided not to publish it. Then I took a gajillion photos that to you look exactly like the one above, but to me show how adorably excited he was.

He's in front—and grinning.

To be perfectly honest, once everyone is out on the ice, I have a hard time telling which one is Jack. I need to invest in a bright red helmet or something to keep me from talking about someone else's kid like he is my own.

About 45 minutes into the practice, Jack decided he was done following directions. Look at his little sad brown eyes as he asks if he can just skate in circles. What would you say?

I said that he had to skate in squares.

Jack spent the last few minutes skating in circles around the center blue line, which is what he does when he gets tired. It's a little disruptive for others who are trying to practice drills in the vicinity, but just like the honey badger, Jack don't give a shit.

Coming through!

On the one hand, he's getting a lot of good practice at skating and weaving in and out between people. On the other hand, I should probably do some work on teaching him how not to be a jackass. Although I'm pretty sure that Jack's social skills group covers "Jackass: How Not to Be" in the third week.

We have a bunch of little rituals that happen after practice. Of course there is the Famous Amos ritual, wherein as soon as Jack gets his gloves off his hands, I am holding out a bag of mini chocolate chip cookies.

Then there is the I-demand-that-Jack-carry-part-of-his-gear-only-to-have-him-slowly-give-it-back-to-me-piece-by-piece ritual, which dovetails nicely with the I-need-a-rolling-hockey-bag muttering to myself.

Then I give Jack a coin to put in the spiral coin thingy. This is called our coin ritual.

I don't know what the coin thingy is called.

I don't know why, but I feel like if I just put one of these in my front yard that I would make a thousand dollars every day. I have never met a person who doesn't like to put money in these. I don't even know who gets the money we pour into that stupid spiral thing every week, but they're making good money off of me what with my inability to always find a penny in the bottom of my bag, requiring me to give Jack bigger money. Sometimes even a quarter.

Then we do the Jack-gets-to-play-iPad-until-we-get-home ritual. This is a new one. Last season he used to have to play on the iPhone. I shudder to think of it. We were barbarians back then.

I like that he is using the water bottle as a footrest.

Hockey went so spectacularly well last weekend that I almost want to wave my hands in the air, yell "Thank you and goodnight!" and leave on a high note. But I'm too madly in love with the team to do that. So we will stock up on cookies and pennies, charge the iPad, and head out again at the crack of dawn next Saturday in hopes that hockey is still as much fun as it was this week.


Jack may skate in circles, but I'm running in place. Check out my post "I Choose to Run" at The DC Moms!

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