Sunday, September 18, 2011

Things on My Mind, Nos. 1-8

I have all these scattered things kind of jumping around my brain and I keep starting to write posts that end up being really long and don't really go anywhere and then I end up not publishing them and then I look up and a week has gone by and I've only posted once, but I know that I have all of these thoughts rolling around in my head, but I haven't told any of you about them and, really, how am I supposed to live an unexamined life? I can't at this point. So here:

1. Jack is OBSESSED (really, that should be in a bigger font) with Plants vs. Zombies these days. He can recite the information about any plant or zombie in the game. His skull is kinda small; I have NO IDEA where all that information lives. That said, I have seen him use that game on his iPad to interact with other kids more than once in the past week. It's really cool. I wrote a kind of hastily written and poorly constructed post about this for Hopeful Parents (it was 10:30 p.m. on my posting day when I wrote it). You are welcome to read it if you'd like.

2. If you've sent me an email in the past two to three weeks, I promise I've read it and I will respond soon. I swear. I've kinda dropped the ball on email of late.

3. That said, I think I may have to start replying to your blog comments in the actual comments section instead of via email. Remember my whole angst-filled "what do I do about blog comments to be least annoying to you?" posts from a few months ago? Well, that system has resulted in my either not replying to your fabulous comments, which I LOVE, or doing so two weeks after you have forgotten that I have ever written a post. So! If my response to you is really important, either subscribe to replies on your comment (which will only send you emails if someone specifically replies to YOUR comment), or check back to the comment section later. Also, I think if you create an Intense Debate (my commenting system) account (free! easy!), you won't get confirmation emails about subscribing to a comment.

Most of you could have just skipped that paragraph. If it confused you, it probably doesn't matter. I just don't want any of you to think that I'm ignoring you, because I honestly like you all so much and really appreciate when you take the time to comment. I'll shut up now.

4. Jack and Quinn's school had their back to school picnic last Friday. Those things stress me out so much. I spent most of that evening on edge about my kids' potential behavior and paranoid that one of them was going to wander off. (I think you know which one.) It turns out that they were (mostly) angels. We had one or two blips, and Jack did depart suddenly at one point, but it makes me wonder if *I* am putting the anxiety on me. That said, I kind of feel like if I let my guard down, we will have Team Stimeyageddon. Maybe it's not that parents with kids like mine are always dealing with the meltdown or unexpected behavior, but we always have to be ON GUARD for it. It is exhausting.

Then again, my kids often behave differently than the normies expect they should act. I have to do some more thinking about this.

5. Moonbounces: My kids love them. Moonbounces: Jack does not care to leave them when he is supposed to. Moonbounces: If you are going to let kids stand in line for 15 minutes for them, don't deflate them just as said children get to the front of the line. Moonbounces: I has the mixed feelings about them.

6. My kids' two elementary schools have the exact same 20-minute drop-off window in the morning. The schools are 23 minutes apart. Riddle me that, Batman. I'm waiting to see which school yells at me first: Sam's because I drop him off early every day or Jack and Quinn's because I drop them off late.

7. Phew. I feel more unburdened already. Now I have to go figure out how to get Sam's birthday party invitations to a bunch of kids whom I don't know and whom he has identified by first name only.

8. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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