Thursday, December 8, 2011

Algernon Takes a Bath & Readies Himself

Algernon has been a lot of places, some of them clean, some of them dirty, but none filthier than his main home at the bottom of my purse. Needless to say, in the four short months of his Team Stimey participation, he's become less white and more dingy gray.

Come on, Algernon. A little pride in your appearance goes a long way.

I decided that it was time to spiff the little guy up a little bit, so I went on a house-wide search for some Woolite and a sink. Sadly, in my house, if it is not able to be washed in hot water with any color clothing, it doesn't get washed, so I had to use dish detergent.

Algernon was sad.

After the initial dousing, Algernon was able to calm down and enjoy his bubble bath. I mean, I imagine he didn't much care for the dunking and squeezing, but he made the best of it.


Unfortunately, much of Algernon's dirty bits were super ground into his fur, so he came out more off-white than white. To get him truly clean, I think he might have to be thrown in the washing machine set on hot. Rather than putting him through that right after the traumatic bath, however, I instead cuddled him in a towel and told him he was a good mouse.

There, there, Algernon. There, there.

Lest you wonder why it was so imperative that Algernon be cleaned, you should know that it is because he is going on a trip. To say he is mildly excited is to way underestimate his enthusiasm.

But where is he going?

Algernon, you've moved from Colorado to Maryland, gone on many adventures, and taken a bath. What are you going to do next?

I'm going to Disneyworld!

No, really. He is.

My friend Heather is somewhat of a Disney...let's downplay her psychoticness and call her a fan. She had a trip planned, sans children, and I jumped on board her bandwagon faster than you can say, "Alex, if I let you go to New York to see Phish over New Year's, can I go to Disneyworld with Heather?"

Actually, it took just about that long.

That's right, I am taking my very first trip ever to Disneyworld, and I'm not taking my kids. I am mother of the fucking year. Also, I am really happy.

Heather, Algernon, and I are going to take Florida by storm. Although it did worry me just a little bit when Heather told me, "Over the three days we'll be there, we have the potential to be at Disneyworld for 49 hours." My feet already hurt.

Y'all, this is going to be epic.

I'm headed out the door to the airport right after I post this. I'm not sure what my internet situation will be like, but I am pretty sure that I will probably drop into bed each night without the ability to blog. I will, however, probably Facebook and tweet the hell out of this trip. Anyone have hashtag suggestions? #AlgernondoesDisney? #CampStimeysExcellentAdventure? #StimeydropsdeadatHeathersfeet?

Stay tuned!

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