Monday, January 2, 2012

The Pursuit of Happyness

Jack wanted to show me something this morning. By the time I wandered downstairs to see what it was, this is what I encountered:

In case you can't see what it is he had set up shop to sell, here is a close-up of his sign:

The only problem with his business plan is that he can't help giving away happyness for free. He kind of spreads it wherever he goes. It's hard to sell it when it already follows you around. Although this was a better try than his last plan, which was to sell empty boxes at his school for $20 each.

Maybe my favorite part of Jack's sales pitch is that he was offering incentives with his happyness. Jack's happyness comes with fruit juice and a bowl of goldfish crackers—as well as a reminder that you need to pay your $10 tomorrow for more happyness.

For a kid who works so hard and has a fair amount of odds stacked against him, Jack is doing all right. I check in regularly with him to see if he spends more time happy or sad and he usually ends up in the happy column. This week, he has happyness to spare. There is really nothing else in life that I want him to have more; there is nothing else in life that makes me happier.

Sorry kid. If happyness is your product, you're going to have to get used to giving it away for free.

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