Saturday, December 31, 2011

Team Stimey's Year in Review

It's New Year's Eve. You are probably out partying. I am sitting home alone. Well, my children are here, in their beds. NOT asleep.* Alex is in New York at a Phish show. As I do not care much for New Year's Eve (I will be awake until midnight, but only because I am ALWAYS awake until midnight), I will spend this time looking back at last year instead of drinking heavily to obliterate it.

In January, I started my year with a dramatic social anxiety attack on my first trip to the National Press Club for a book launch. Maybe the best part of that whole scene was when I panicked after seeing a line of people waiting for a bus. Anxiety is a powerful foe. I did, however, also demonstrate when I don't have anxiety, and that is when I am at home alone competing against people who don't know I exist. January closed with one of the worst dental appointments in the history of time. At least up to then.

In February, I headed off to the National Gallery of Art when my mom came to town to visit. I was only reprimanded once by a guard. I also had to participate in some (wild, but invasive) mouse killin'.

I started March by freaking out about not being able to figure out how to get Jack to do...ANYTHING that he doesn't want to.  This was the beginning of brainstorming a solution, which resulted in a system where Jack's cooperation at school earned him tallies, which in turn, earned him video game time at after school. We still use that system. I also cooked Brussels sprouts.

April was eventful. It began with a trip to Seattle to visit Nintendo headquarters to celebrate the launch of the Nintendo 3DS. It was all kinds of awesome. Because of the ads I was running at the time, my post ended up on my review blog. I also launched Stimeyland's Facebook page. Feel free to join us over there to chat!

Jack's hockey tournament in Boston took place at the end of April and counts as one of the high points of my year. It's possible that Jack feels differently. The four days Jack and I spent away for the tournament were profoundly moving, from the opening ceremonies to our return home.

Looking back on May, it seems that not a whole lot of groundbreaking things happened. Although both Jack and Quinn had birthdays and Sam tasted his first margarita.

June brought about the conclusion of dental hell. I also gave you the back story of the dental nightmare that had taken place since that January appointment mentioned above. We also bought a "Ready for Use" pool that was anything but.

In June and July I continued to pretend that I run Camp Stimey even though I don't really do it very well anymore. Nonetheless, I summarized many of the Camp Stimey activities that I'd planned for my kids since Camp Stimey started way back in the day.

I spent July driving Jack back and forth to summer camp, while I whiled away the days with Quinn and Sam. We did things like causing a commotion in front of Eric Holder and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and doing the same all by ourselves at home.

We lost our first mice, Scabbers and Poseidon, in early August. That month, Team Stimey also went on vacation in Colorado and New Mexico and puked our way across the country. This was also about the time that people started to email me every time someone in their family horked in a location that was not a toilet or a dedicated barf bowl. I take a strange satisfaction in the knowledge that for a certain group of you, whenever your well laid plans go to shit, I am the first person you think of.  Our reputation is not undeserved.

That August vacation also brought Algernon to Team Stimey. I introduced him to you in September. And don't forget that day that Alex didn't run over a squirrel.

October Sucktober destroyed us. We just fixed the car heater that broke back then a couple of weeks ago. And we never did find those shoes that Jack hid.

In November, I wrote one of my top-five favorite Stimeyland posts ever, Not Even Wrong. That month also saw the end of Whiskers the mouse, may she rest in peace.

This December saw my first ever trip to  Disney World, which I consistently mis-grammaticized as "Disneyworld" every time I wrote it. Once I discovered that I had done this, the copy editor inside me (who wanted to go back and change my errors) went to war with the anti-revisionist inside me (who refuses to make after-the-fact changes). I eventually decided to call attention to my mistake in my year-in-review post. Also, Algernon went to Disney. Oh, and there was some sort of holiday event.

So, there are my highlights from the past year. There are probably more, but it is 11:50 p.m. on New Year's Eve and I'm tired and out of time. I also wrote a lot on other non-Stimeyland sites, but I don't have the energy to recap any of that.

Happy New Year, my friends. I know that 2011 was so hard for so many of you. To you, I wish you a much better 2012. You are in my thoughts.

For Team Stimey, 2011 was its usual mix of ups and downs. I made a lot of new friends this year and deepened friendships with others. I saw my children become even more amazing people than they were last year, and Alex and I settled even deeper into the realization that no one else on Earth would put up with being married to either one of us.

Thank you to all of you who were part of our 2011. Here is hoping that 2012 is interesting and fun. Happy New Year!

* I wrote that sentence at noon, but I am POSITIVE it is true at 10 p.m. (Editor's note: It was.)

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